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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Black Beauty

Hey everyone! I know back home in California with schools starting up, that often means school dances! And I know many people go to big openings and events around this time of year which always calls for the purchase of a beautiful new dress! Let's be honest here, who doesn't want to buy a new dress when the occasion calls for it -insert emoji with girl sticking her hand out-

I was recently gifted this gorgeous dress from Chi Chi which is so perfect for any nice event, and really is a classic piece that I think could hang around in your wardrobe for quite some time. First off, the dress is a classic black and creme color, its a silk creme dress with black lace over the top and sewn into a layer underneath (there are a few layers to this dress) is a sheet of tulle near the bottom to help it keep its a-line shape. 

I think an A Line shape is flattering on anyone as it shows off the girls a bit (in this case), really sucks you in at the waist, and then pool out hiding anything below the waist which must makes you look like you have that beautiful hourglass shape. Also I like these dresses because when they aren't skintight you don't have to worry about how you stand, and positioning yourself to look the thinnest ( we all do it!) all night long.

This dress also has a built in bra. Thank you jesus. I know when we hear built in bra most of us bustier ladies just roll our eyes. Yeah okay sure how are you going to contain these puppies with your so called "built in bra"? Well my friends I am happy to report that not only does this bra contain the girls, it also makes them look very nice! And anyone who has ever had to wear a nice dress can attest to the fact that fussing with your bra all night (or that dreadful picture where you can see your bra peeking out) is the worst thing in the world.

Velvet Bow - American Apparel 

I couldn't manage to get a full shot of the back where my hair was out of the way -_-.... but it has a tie at the top, and the band at the bottom where the top of the dress meets the rib/waist area is stretchy to help you fit into your dress (which is always appreciated). There aren't any zippers on this dress which some can see as a perk (no zippers to break or malfunction) or some can see as evil (having to perform mini gymnastics to get into your dress), but either way this dress is very comfortable and extremely flattering.

 The colors of the dress make it able to be paired with literally anything, a pop of color in the heels would be so beautiful, especially if you were going somewhere with a date - you could coordinate your shoes or bag with his tie etc.

For reference, I am wearing a size 8 in this dress if you look into buying it. I think it is such a gorgeous dress and the next medical school function I have I am definitely going to wear it! I think it is just so flattering and would flatter any body type.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I am happy to be back fashion posting! Going to be getting back into more street style fashion soon, but I figured I would put these up since it is that time of the year where everyone dresses up and looks fancy! (well now and prom season).

Thanks  so much for reading!
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  1. Very pretty dress and you hair looks amazing!


  2. yes! i think it looks super soft and romantic :)

  3. thank you! and its like the only way i know how to do it haha oops

  4. thanks doll :)

  5. I absolutely love Chi Chi I have two dresses from them so far and THIS looks like the next one I want to get, your hair looks really beautiful too xxx

  6. Wow! Love that dress! I hate built-in bras but totally trusting your word now lol :)

    Janani xo

  7. SUCH A NICE DRESS! Plus I'm just a fan of black and white so it works out fab. it goes with everything!

  8. yeah i'm always skeptical about them but if it can hold these puppies up i trust it!

  9. Cute dress and love how it hugs your lovely figure!!!


  10. aw thank you so much!!!

  11. I adore this dress (and I know I say that to almost every dress you were but you just have a great taste in dresses). You look absolutely stunning in it and I really wish I had a formal event nearing so that I could go and buy it!
    xx Lisa

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