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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Inglot Haul | 20% Off

Hellooooooo everyone! So recently Inglot over here in Poland had a 20% off sale on their website, so naturally I had to jump on it! I've briefly touched on the subject before, but drugstore makeup is ridiculously overpriced here in Poland (more expensive than MAC back in California) and high end makeup is 1 1/2-2 times the price so Inglot is many times cheaper than buying the "drugstore" brands. 

And especially when they're having a sale I'm going to hop on that! I still had some birthday money left over (August 12! I turned 20) but the total didn't amount to very much at all! If you want to know some of the prices that I pay over here you can go online to and as a rule of thumb divide the prices by 3 to get $.
I know a lot of my readers are curious about Inglot since the stores aren't as common everywhere as they are here- Inglot is a Polish brand that has made it's way around the world. So hopefully next time you're in Inglot my posts make your life a bit easier and look out for reviews to come on these products! And blah blah I bought these products with my own money. Sweetie I WISH Inglot sent me products for review, I would die.

A quick overview of my goodies OUTSIDE of their packaging, recognize anything? Is anyone else a packaging hoarder? Like I want to save it but that is so impractical...

So I'm definitely going to review these products individually or like a more in depth group review but I can offer some mini first impressions on SOME of these things.

Naturally I am the lightest shade in this foundation. FINALLY a foundation that doesn't slide off my face but it's moisturizing, doesn't highlight dry patches (I know I have one from another foundation I had used thanks lol), it is medium coverage but what's weird is if you buy the slightly wrong shade it sheers itself out to match your complexion and look like skin but while covering redness and bumps etc. 

It doesn't cover all my freckles, and that's how we know it isn't full coverage but I don't mind. When you look at it in the bottle it looks like it has a sheen (kind of like L'Oreal True Match Lumi) but your face doesn't turn glittery, but it isn't a matte foundation either. I read it is geared more towards dry skin, but when I powdered it, it was mattified easily.

And HELLO there's a pump! When I first opened it I couldn't get the cap off and ended up screwing it off but there was a tube going into the foundation so clearly it had a pump, and I just had to pull harder to get the cap off. I really like that though because The cap WILL NOT fall off if you're traveling, this one is solid to take with you.

Again, lightest shade- pale girls unite! This is  true under eye concealer in the sense that it has salmon tones to "correct" the dark circles like the Bobbi Brown correctors. Today when I used it I layered it underneath my Inglot highlighting concealer pen (like the YSL Touche Eclat or L'Oreal Lumi Magique pens) and it looked FLAWLESS! It also hasn't creased, and covers just like my favorite MAC Pro Longwear, so I'd say so far we have a winner!

So you know how the Anastasia Brow Wiz or the MAC brow Pencils are really skinny? This is basically the exact opposite. I wanted this for when I have my lazier days and just want to fill in my brows super quick and maybe because it's a thicker pencil it won't make brows look so drawn in (hate that, went through that phase- been there done that.)

I also love the there's a sharpener in the bottom. The pencil twists up by the top portion, and then if you pull on the bottom (which looks like it would be the twisty part) it comes off and theres a little mini sharpener in there! Two in one, so that's always handy.

So I have this in shade 77 (the black one) and use it as my black gel liner and it is AMAZING. And no I didn't buy this to do fancy white eyeliner tricks etc, I bought it as a base for my shadows to make them pop! I used it this morning under my shadows and it worked like a dream! The formula is very thin, so you aren't layering a ton on your eyelids but it doesn't crease either. 

I tried the stupid NYX pencils and hated them, plus the one I have is sparkly. I don't always want sparkly shadows, and putting a sparkly shadow on a sparkly base makes it visible to the people on the space station (because I do have a shimmery white cream eye pencil by Rimmel too).

Oh how I adore these lipsticks. I already have three that I've collected over the past year. A mauve colored one, a pink one (I wore it in my fashion post with the white puppy) and a berry one. Now I have a nude, a coral, and a BRIGHT beautiful red.

The formula of these. Oh god. I can't. I need a whole post to explain how much I love these. Basically they are a gel lipstick, that is a cream (no shimmer, glitter etc.) and has some shine but not a high shine like a lipgloss. They're just perfection.

We all know by now these colors are my jam. Come on. And Inglot has a whole line of more fall themed matte lipsticks out so of course I had to get one. I've talked before about my love of their lipsticks and how beautiful and satisfying the packaging is so we won't delve into that in this post and make it a million years long.

So these are basically a cream, highly pigmented gloss. I used shade 92 yesterday and they aren't a high shine gloss, but oh boy are they beautiful. They smell exactly like cake batter (like cake batter ice cream) and wear like a dream!!!! I love them already and I normally am not a lipgloss person.

Well that's probably my makeup haul of the year! I adore Inglot (if you couldn't tell by my past giveaway lol), have you guys tried anything by them? What are some of your favorites?

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  1. I've always wanted to try inglot products! those lip paints and the lipstick look really gorgeous although I've been eyeing their deeper shades for fall!

  2. Yeah I have some of their darker shades already from last fall and they're beautiful!!!!!!! Such high quality

  3. Those lip gels look really cool - sound like they keep your lips really moisturised too.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  4. I love the red lipstiks so much :)

    If you'd like to, check my little blog:

  5. The slim gel lipsticks look SO nice, particularly the red! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Jade x ♡

  6. they do!!!! absolutely one of my favorite lip products! and they don't feather or bleed or anything even if you don't use a liner :)

  7. aw thanks so much! I'm trying to be more adventurous lol

  8. dang girl look at all those beautiful products/pictures! I've never tried inglot because I've never seen it in the states but their gel liner and eye shadow is supposed to be so good! I also love the look of those lipsticks so it may be time for a lil order
    Allison from

  9. I think there are Inglot stores in like the BIG cities, I think theres only even one in California- over in San Francisco.

    Those lipsticks are the best lipstick formula ever!! I have a post on here somewhere about my eyeshadow palette by them with swatches and everything!!!!!! I have tried a LOT of products from inglot (like I said it's cheaper or the same price as drugstore here) and haven't tried a bad product yet. LOVE it all!! Plus the liners literally never dry out. Have had my black one for over a year and still is the same consistency s the day I got it (just has little brush marks in it now lol)

    Even when I do winged liner with the black gel liner and am taking my makeup off I can still see where the wing was, it stays of sooooo well!

  10. You seriously make me want to buy those lipsticks from inglot. .. even went on their website to look at more colors xD Haye the nyx jumbo Pencils too but their newest ones are really good--Just has limited color range.

  11. SUCH high quality!!! I absolutely love them! they blow mac out of the water any day and have better prices too! I wish they had more stores across the world and were more readily accessible to people!

  12. they are GORGEOUS! Going to probably do a post soon about all my slim gel ones. ah the formula is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! inglot has matte lip pencils too :) i have one of those in like an every day color (SO GORG)

  13. Ooh love matte lip stuff! Are they drying at all? :O

  14. nope!!! not on my lips anyways :) and such gorgeous colors!

  15. i'm desperate to try their makeup but there isn't a counter anywhere near me!

    from helen at /// new blog sale

  16. Wahhh...adding so many things to my wishlist...but at least I have a big family to give birthday "hints" too xD

  17. oh i do the same exact thing haha i "hint" by giving them a direct list and where to find it in person and a clickable online link lol

  18. SOO gorgeous! Their online swatches are pretty close to real life, these pictures are exactly true to color (I made sure of it) :D

  19. Oh click back through some of my posts and you can find some Inglot related ones! I LOVEEEE the brand! And you most certainly do :D

  20. Love the look of the under eye concealer and the lipsticks I hope I can order as it sounds amazing!!! xxx

  21. they both are SO amazing!! definitely get those if you make an order!

  22. oh wow i definitely want to check out the concealer and i've always been interested in their gel liners!

  23. Loveeee! I wish Inglot had sales here :(! But I don't mind because it is a fairly cheap brand!


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