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Monday, September 22, 2014

One Lovely Blog

Hello lovely ladies! Normally I don't do blog awards blah blah blah but this one was cute and I was nominated by Beauty Thru Glass you can read her post here for the One Lovely Blog Award.

-thank the person who nominated you
-share seven things about yourself
-nominate bloggers you admire
-contact your chosen bloggers to let them know!

Okay so here we go! Seven facts about me:

1. After high school I spent at year at UC Santa Cruz in college, decided it wasn't for me and just packed my bags and split to Europe to attend a 6 year MD program in Poland. A lot of my family lives here and I am Polish by heritage so it was an easy decision.

2. I am the president of a nonprofit organization , it was set up by my dad who is a doctor and CEO, and it is basically an organization that sends doctors into disaster locations where there is a strong need for medical help, or more remote regions of the world where there is a need for doctors.

3. Although I do love beauty and fashion medicine is where my heart lies, I want to become a surgeon, but I want to make enough money to be able to leave for the whole summer and live in a more remote region of the world providing medical care to those who need it for free. I just want to be able to make enough money through the year to save to be able to support myself through the summers.

4. I am a natural blonde, have never dyed my hair (only bleached the ends for an ombre, and I put a pink stripe in one time), have never worn extensions, and have never had any chemical procedures done to my hair. (AND IT'S SUPER CURLY)

5. I have grey eyes, I am the only one in my family with them except for my grandpa (who has passed, may he rest in peace), but somehow genetically we have the exact same color eyes. Everyone else has blue eyes (and a few brown eyed people like my grandma).

6. I get probably 3-4 hours of sleep a night and am constantly tired, so if you ever need recommendations for dark circle concealers and ways to make your face look less tired I'm your girl! I study a LOT (I take school very seriously, even though I do have a blog, I write posts in my spare time. As in I'll study for 3 hours and tai a 30 minute break and write a post - so I take a lot of my pictures ahead of time so that's why some may look really similar) and have hospital rotations etc. But such is the life of a medical school student.

7. I have freckles. Tons and tons and tons of freckles. Especially after summertime the amount of freckles I have is ridiculous! One time one of my best friends said "I have an irrational fear of people with freckles" and I just looked at her and said "You do realize I have freckles right...." and she says "Oh well yours are cute. Maybe my fear isn't that bad...." Thankssss Kayla. 

I nominate:
Nicole from Sleek Chic
Alison from Mercuteify
Lacey from Love Lacey Beauty
Daria from Wade Ashore
Amelia from Liana Beauty
Dasha from Mode Lily
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  1. Thanks again for the nomination! I will definitely try to fit this in soon! You care such a clever girl, amazing how you fit everything with your blog in still! Have never worn extensions but i bet you get the same question as me 'is your hair real' FFS what else is it haha xxx

  2. I didn't know you wanted to become a surgeon! Good for you! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  3. aw thanks so much :) I know right! ALL THE TIME! Or "Can I touch it! Can I play with it?" not like its attached to my head or anything.......probably every female i know has asked to braid my hair lol. i'm scared of extensions and like the bald spots people get from them!

  4. thanks sweetie!

  5. OMG This is so cute! I'll have to actually remember to do it ;) Thanks for tagging me :)!!!
    Allison from

  6. and amongst the likes of VDM. I cry


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