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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bad Hair Day

Hey guys! So I know you see me in lots of flouncy fancy dresses (which I love) but I've realized that I don't show enough of the clothes I actually wear on a daily basis, but I've been showing it a lot more recently (the ripped shorts post, the kimono post, and this post). So today I am definitely featuring a brand called Deth Kult that I found through twitter that is so badass, I absolutely love their clothes. I id purchase these with my own money, they just gave me a slight discount - they are a new startup brand (and obviously can't send out freebies to bloggers).

I purchasde a cranberry beanie, and their Accept Your Fate tee (so badass I love it) and they are both such high quality! The weather here is that annoying weather where it is super cold in the mornings, then hot, then cold at night so you have to dress very strangely (thanks fall), so I thought I'd share my more "street style" with you (haha get it I even took the pictures in the street) and some pictures of my makeup! I am well aware of two giant planet on my forehead, sadly concealer only covers the redness, it doesn't flatten out the bumps -_-

Pleather Jacket - Target (3 seasons ago)

This shirt is SO cool, and I received so many compliments on it throughout the day. It reminds me of an egyptian mummy pharoah (kind of like the one from The Mummy movies - does anyone else like those? I'm obsessed, just HATE that they changed Evie for the latest one a few years back).

In the winter when it gets cold I'm all about that grunge style with beanies and cool tees and my pleather jacket. I hardly go anywhere without it especially in the fall!

Also!!! They're having an end of season sale right now so if you're interested in this brand go pick up some things! They have things for like £8 even!

My hair is like a lions mane, this isn't news to anyone, especially if you read my last post on the amazing Cloud Nine hair straighteners, you can see it in its natural state. But if I leave it like that the next day the top can be lookin a little flat or frizzy and beanies solve the problem in 0.2 seconds. (I also want to really get into those big floppy fall hats)

So as you can see in the picture above wearing a beanie just really helps the overall look...and I feel like it almost makes you look edgy without even trying? But MOST important of all it keeps you warm and toasty.

Pleather Jacket - Target (3 seasons ago)

Today was one of those days where you roll out of bed (I literally had three hours of sleep- thanks Maggie! If you don't know who Maggie is go over to my instagram and you'll see about a thousand pictures of my little puppy I adopted) slap some makeup on, throw on clothes and out the door. No time to do my hair, barely any time to do my makeup, couldn't find any jeans that fit me...they're all too big after my weight loss. But when you style yourself this way you still kind of get that edge and look super pulled together. 

When you think about it, I didn't do my hair and just threw on a tee, beanie, jeans, and a jacket and my school purse and I was out the door.

Purse - Urban Outfitters Sale (a few years ago)

OH hey awkward strand of hair hanging out in the back....I also paired this with my Timberlands, as I didn't know if it was going to rain or not (another reason why beanies are awesome...they act as hoods), and some socks that came up above the boot and was on my way!

And now I leave you with like the third photo of my face (narcissistic much?). I strayed from my HG Makeup Revolution I tint My Brows (full review here) and tried out the brow pencil from Inglot and then ran the brow tint really quickly through my brows to set them. I must say I'm loving it! I also can't tear myself away from my Warm Soul blush and Mary Lou-Manizer! I haven't worn anything else lately! (Actually I did one day and was very unhappy)

What do you guys think of me posting more of my casual outfits like this? I actually made my photographer (brother) come down and take these as I was walking to the tram stop away from my apartment to class. That picture from behind is me LITERALLY walking away, not just some fancy blogger shot lol.

I REALLY love this brand and I hope you check out their sales and pick up a few things!! Let me know if you want to see more posts like this :)

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  1. Awesome look!

  2. this is amazing! I love that shirt you're wearing and I've been super into beanies lately!

  3. thanks!! glad I'm not the only one! i wear beanies any time i can :D

  4. thanks so much!

  5. lol but its so true come on :)

    and yeah i agree! i don't go to fancy parties and wear fancy dresses, but others do so those are like helpful posts on how id pair hair makeup etc.

    I'm hoping this will be more like oh i can draw inspiration (or she dresses like a lunatic and ill never wear that) post haha for day to day

  6. They are both such a good price I am really impressed, I absolutely love the Tee! I am a big fan of alternative fashion companies xx

  7. Love the beanie, you look great!


  8. love your beanie, Great outfit!

  9. lovely look! you have the best hair too

    from helen at

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win raybans worth £129! click here.

  10. thanks so much! and me too I much prefer them to like Forever 21 and H&M etc you know the likes!

  11. aww thanks doll

  12. omg i know and technically it was like the in color of the year? idk i just like the color lol

  13. thanks so much! its so thick and warm i love it!

  14. thanks so much helen! thanks for even stopping by it means a lot! :)


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