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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | November

Hey lovelies! Today I want to tell you RIGHT NOW go order a #LFBeautyBox (it's sold out on preorder, but you can buy it 9am on December 1!) I have been subscribed to many many many subscription services in the past (and by that I mean three - Wantable, Ipsy, and Birchbox) and this is BY FAR the best box I've received. I like every single product in this box and have already used them all (I gave it a good test run so I can give some opinions in this post as well).

This box comes with six products, (the lip/cheek tint is full sized) and they are all pretty well known brands. If you are subscribed to quite a few beauty boxes you may notice a few brands recurring in the boxes just in different ones at different times, but the brands in here I haven't really seen in other boxes which is a huge perk to purchasing a box. I hate when I am subscribed to more than one box and I end up getting similar or exactly the same products time and time again.

The box itself comes very nicely packaged, wasn't dented upon arrival, and I'm definitely going to use the lid/box to help organize my makeup storage (helpful hints for people too cheap like me to buy plastic organizers!) The box feels well made, and not cheap at all, while looking very simple and chic.

On to the descriptions, costs, and mini reviews of the products!

1. Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex Cream RRP (100 ml)- £18.99 | Sample (30 ml) £5.70 

"Expect visible results in less than 11 days. Featuring a concentrated multi-functional formula that simultaneously targets eight signs of hand aging."

This hand cream is a very large sample (I thought it was full sized until I did some googling) and although I can't vouch for it's youth restoring complexes since I'm only 20 and I think you have to use something for a while to determine that, it is a VERY nice hand cream. It is very thick and luxurious, but soaks in quickly. It leaves a strange finish in your hands, but in a good way- almost like the cream soaks in quickly and leaves your skin matte? If that makes sense at all... But basically I can put this on, pick my pen up, and go back to studying without my pen slipping out of my hand from the greasy hand cream. It also has a slightly fruity scent, and i know I've smelled this scent somewhere before but I can't place it! it smells really nice though.

2. GLAMGLOW Youthmud Treatment RRP (50 g) £49.99 | Sample (15 g) £14.99

"Designed as the ten minute facial in a jar for when you need immediate camera-ready super radiant skin."

The super famous, much hyped GLAMGLOW. I was very reluctant to buy the samples that they have in Sephora that are this size, because I was of the mindset oh that's too expensive for a MUD MASK. However it is so hyped, that as soon as I opened this box and saw it I applied it immediately and I admit it, I fell for the hype. It clears out your pores so well-in an almost gross but satisfying way. You know when you take off a nose pore strip and can see all the crap that was in your pores, it's like that but for your face. This stuff is amazing and I would highly recommend trying it especially if you see it on sale anywhere.

3. MONU Recovery Balm RRP (50 ml) £22.50 | Sample (30 ml) £13.50

"A soothing balm for efficient and effective relief to sensitized or stressed skin in need of comforting."

First off this smells beautiful- it smells like you stuck your nose in a fresh red rose. I absolutely adore the smell of roses, so this was the most surprising and wonderful thing for me to open and apply to my face. If you've ever used the Origins Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask, this is the same idea although it is aimed more towards hydrating and calming the skin (redness, spots, etc). I absolutely adore this stuff and would COMPLETELY repurchase. I'd never heard of the brand but now I'm curious to look into it since this product is so beautiful! I much prefer this to the Origins one, as I think the Origins overnight mask smells like a weird artificial mango scent to me...this one smells like real roses and also calms the redness in my face.

4. Nuxellence Jeunesse RRP (50 ml) £47 | Sample (15 ml) £14.10

"An anti aging fluid created by the French leading cosmetic company Nuxe. Its goal is to recharge the skin and to restore its radiance."

On the tube this says "Youth and Radiance Fluid" which I think describes the consistency of this product perfectly. It's not quite a moisturizer, but not quite a fluid. It smells absolutely beautifully, I put it on and both my dad and brother (on separate occasions) asked me what perfume or lotion I was wearing. I can't vouch for the youthful properties of this but I do think that it brightened up my skin and perked it up, and it also worked really well under my makeup (especially due to the thinner consistency). This product is like a better version of Origins Vita Zing (I feel like I keep comparing Origins a lot in this post....don't get me wrong I do love that brand!) in the way that it's supposed to brighten and perk up your skin if it looks dull and tired and oh goodness it smells like heaven. I've never tried any Nuxe products, so I'm glad I was able to try this one!

5. Eve Lom Cleanser RRP (100 ml) £55 | Sample (30 ml) £16.50

"The pioneering beauty balm that census the skin like no other This multi-tasking marvel removes every last trace of make-up including waterproof mascara, as well as decongesting, toning, and gently exfoliating your skin."

Now I have never tried a cleansing balm, and now that I have- have I been living under a rock my whole life? Why didn't anyone yell at me and tell me to go find one and buy it! So I have the worlds wateriest eyes ever and sometimes wear my contacts, therefore I have to use industrial strength waterproof mascara that is impossible to get off so I've accepted the fact that I wake up looking like a raccoon. With this, it just slides right off! I thought a cleansing balm (or this one in particular) would just be a more solid version of my MAC Cleanse Off Oil, but holy moly now that I've used this I'm ruined for life and I don't think I'll ever want to use other types of makeup removers anymore (my poor wallet!)

"A retractable chubby pencil for makeup on the go. A blusher, a lipstick, and a lip liner all in one. The unique formulation blends easily and adds a long lasting glossy tint to the lips and cheeks."

Now I am a huge fan of multipurpose products, and this being a lip and cheek tint all in one is already a big plus for me. I believe that you could receive one of three shades in your box, and I received the shade Strawberry Souffle. This is definitely aptly named, because (typically) I ripped open the packaging (the little plastic pull tabs shrink wrapped things) and swatched it and thought immediately "Oh what a nice watermelon-y strawberry color!!" This is DEFINITELY a summer lip color that I will 100% be rocking, but I did try it on my cheeks and it gives you a warm version of that "just pinched" look (instead of a cool tone like MAC Well Dressed, it's a bit warmer). This product actually does work on both lip and cheek which is surprising because most products make that claim, but are really meant for just one. The glossiness of this tint really helps it to blend out as a cream blush on the cheeks and I think that is its saving grace.

In this picture I lightly patted it into my lips, for that flushed effect since it is a summer color, and it did stay all day! But in the summer I'll definitely wear it full on for that super summer watermelon-strawberry-coral look.

Have I sold you on this box already? It's only £15 you guys! And to further prove my point I added up all of the prices that i figured out above and the total of the box comes out to a whopping £78.79. So since you pay £15 including P&P, they're basically GIVING you £63.79 of free product since you only £15. If you look through some of my past posts the boxes/bags are usually worth twice as much as you pay, MAYBE three times, this one is worth over FIVE times what you're paying!!!

I strongly urge you (and by that I mean click this link and get your butt over there and order one / get put on the email waiting list). But maybe some of you already got your boxes! Let me know how you like them and if you'll be getting them again! I think this is definitely THE BEST box on the market out there and would 100% repurchase.

(Shoutout to Jess for scoring me one of these beauties and sending it my way for review!)

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  1. Wow, really cool content for that less price! Thanks for the tip :)
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I didn't even know they did a sub box actually I am getting back into receiving more too so definitely need to give this one a go xxx

  3. such a good box and even better that they ship it internationally!

  4. i know me either!! found out recently and was like i need that in my life!!!!!

  5. This box sounds like one of the best ones - great luxury products.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. definitely the best one i've received!

  7. Ohh, what a great box and thank you for the review on GlamGlow Mask. I am also hesitant to purchase it due to the price but maybe will pick up a sample size to try.

    Reflection of Sanity

  8. Yes!! They have them at sephora near the little checkout, also theres a sale going on for black friday buy two get 40% off on so you could give some to family members etc

  9. I adore GlamGlow mask but I'm pretty upset that I brought mine in a local boutique for £46 and it costs £22! I'm a big fan of yge boxes-I currently subscribe to My Little Paris.

  10. This box was insane! Instantly fell in love with the glamgow mask which i kinda wish i hadnt after seeing the price *sobs* I cant believe how amazing the price is for the contents, ps you look fab! xxx

  11. Makeup With A HeartDecember 1, 2014 at 6:42 AM

    Posted on my birthday--yay! But anyway, this sounds like an awesome box. I've heard so many good things about the Eve Lom Cleansing Balm but am not ready to shell out that much for a makeup remover. I think the Body Shop also has a cleansing balm of sorts but I haven't tried it. I know Banila Co. (a Korean brand) also has one and Clinique too so those are some less pricey options :D

  12. oh nooooo!!!! can you return it???? or did you already start to use it. My Little Paris? I've never heard of that i wonder if they ship throughout europe so i could get my hands on it lol

  13. i know its killer but at least it lasts quite a few uses- I've gotten to the point of using it just on my t zone as i was gifted a full sized one but I'm too cheap to spend so much! LOL! I got one for my aunt for christmas though and she died she totally loved it. and thanks so much! :) those are like awkward let me not get caught taking a selfie selfie loool

  14. aww happy late bday! the cleansing balm is sooooo nice! its SO THICK. i was expecting like a thick lotion, this stuff is like coconut oil like when its hard - that consistency. I def want to try the body shop cleansing balm that seems like the most budget friendly lol


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