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Monday, November 3, 2014

Spray Gels? | Sebastian Volupt Spray

Hello everyone! So in the last hair post I did I mentioned that my stylist friend gave me a "hair glaze" which is a light styling gel- but I think when people hear the word gel they think of Jersey Shore guys putting in their hair gel, or the 90s crunchy curls (if you're a curly haired girl like myself) where you'd put gel in after washing your hair and you'd wake up with a wet look gel curl head. Gone are those days (well I mean you can still get that look with other products if that's what you're going for), but now there's a new kid in town- the rebirth of hair gels.

I've been wanting to do a post on this ever since I mentioned that this is what I use in my hair in my Cloud Nine post and I got so many compliments on my natural hair and a few questions, but the "glaze" I had before was a salon brand my bff had given me because she knew it would work with my hair, and I know you can't get it everywhere (it's the Eufora Styling Glaze if you're wondering) but now I've found a "dupe" if you will, something very very similar basically that anyone can get (not necessarily cheaper) so I just needed to do this post.

This is how my hair is when I wake up. So basically I wash it at night, use a detangler, use a styling glaze, and that's it (and if it feels extra dry I'll use some Moroccan Oil Light which I did a post on as well- I use that in the morning). My hair DEFINITELY didn't look like this before I started using the styling gels/glazes/whatever you want to call them. I hate saying gel because it has such a bad reputation along with it, but this is literally a gel.

Curly haired girls across the world know the difficulty of going to sleep on wet hair, and hoping that it looks good when you wake up the next day - realistically one side is usually flattened from where you slept  on it, it's frizzy, uneven curls, and looks like a lions mane (well in my case anyways, no offense to you ladies with better luck!) But by some miracle, (and this is the second styling gel/glaze that I've tried) when I use it I go to sleep and wake up with this, which is a lot more acceptable to go out in public than the aforementioned. I'm getting down a routine so I can wake up five minutes before I have to leave to class okay!

This gel in particular is targeted at volumnizing, so I spray it all in the roots, and all down the lengths of my hair (and no I haven't ever woken up with any crunchy or greasy looking parts, and i apply this very liberally) and it helps with the hair sticking down on one side phenomenon that was aforementioned. I really love the spray nozzle on it, as the one I was using before was a squeeze tube and you had to distribute it with your hands, so the nozzle comes in nice and handy on this.

It also helps give some nice body to the curls and helps them stay with a similar skip to when your hair is just starting to dry. Every girl with curly hair like mine knows that it look the best when it's half wet (air drying) and the curls look nice and defined and one shape, and then BOOM -some magic occurs- and they don't dry that way. This helps them dry a lot closer to that nice shape.

So I have been talking about curly girls this whole post, but what about my fellow straight haired friends? I've got you covered there too. My stylist friend explained it to me this way- you can use this product to set your normal hair, set your hair after you blow dry it, or help it set in any heat style you do after. This is the foundation (almost like a before hairspray that doesn't make your hair feel any different) and you work on top of that foundation to build your style. 

The reason there is now a picture of me dressed up as a cat now staring at you is because I was a cat for Halloween. I USUALLY try not to heat style my hair due to lack of time, but when I do I want it to last, it is no secret that I go about a week without washing my hair, sometimes longer (don't worry I bathe my body in between!)

Excuse the awkwardness of this picture, but you can see the length of my hair, the way I styled it, and it lasted all of Halloween and still looks like that without any touchups and I've slept on it, put it in a bun, a ponytail etc. And you can also see that I was a cat for Halloween...I'm so creative I know, it's been said to me once or twice.

The way my friend explained it to me I think really is the best- with anything you need a foundation laid down. Whether you're building a house, applying makeup, doing your hair, your nails, anything basically you need to have some sort of foundation. This is a foundation product that you don't feel in your hair, you don't have any adverse effects as in you can't go overboard with it - there's nothing worse than washing your hair, putting in product when its wet, and looking like a grease ball or a crunchy mess when it's dry (we've all been there).

So whether your hair is curly, straight, wavy, you want to put it in a braid and accentuate your wave or a style, you can use this product. (And can I mention it's WAY discounted on's supposed to be £19 and they have it for £13.92 - that's where I got mine from!)

I hope this post helped you and I finally explained what the heck I was talking about with using a gel/glaze in my hair and you can find this useful in some way!

Thanks for reading! (Oh and go enter my giveaway on my previous post! Not many entries so you have a higher chance of winning yay!)

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  1. Wow, your curls look beautiful! I lol'd at the "crunchy hair." Oh, how I remember my high school days when the crunchy hair was a thing. I'm so glad that's phased out (for the most part).

  2. Your hair looks amazing and very healthy for that length!

    Reflection of Sanity

  3. aw thank you so much! I definitely try to keep it healthy especially since i ombre it lol

  4. aw thank you so much! and LOL I'm glad at least someone got the reference, wasn't sure if it was just a thing in my area (it's still a thing there with some people lol ew) I'm glad the crunchy days for me ended in middle school but i straightened my hair every day and I don't look the best with straight hair lol its so flat and sticks to my head, i wasn't doing anything right by doing that either back then lol

  5. Your hair looks lovely - the spray obviously works for you.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  6. Your hair looks like you came back from the salon! I'll definitely have to try this out - I know the curly hair struggle!

  7. Your hair looks amazing! I'm really tempted to try this, I have curly hair too so I know how annoying it can be haha xx


  8. Katherina ChystykovaNovember 5, 2014 at 10:21 PM

    Gorgeous! Your hair is so stunning!:)

  9. Gah your hair is nigh on perfect girl!! Wish I had that healthy length 😪

  10. I wish my hair would grow faster, you are stunning you hair is beautiful . xox

  11. literally the secret is wash it less. i only wash it once a week and its growing like crazy! it's probably grown an inch since this post...i posted a pic on twitter, but it's like to my butt now and the only thing i changed is washing it less and less

  12. wash it less! thats literally the only hair secret. as soon as i stopped washing it as much it started growing like crazy! i only wash it once a week now haha

  13. thanks so much!! :)

  14. thank you so much!

  15. yes! these new wave of gels are literally miracles to curly hair!!!! plus they work if you style it too, and they don't feel crunchy at all! it's like a win win :)

  16. aw thats the best compliment ever!!!!! and yes do it and report back!!!! its been life changing for my curly haired-ness. plus it helps if you style it too, so you don't have to decide the night before or when you wash it if you want to commit to a curly head or a styled one :)

  17. thanks so much!

  18. I wish I could do that but it's about 34 degrees where I am right now, it's impossible not to be doused in sweat by the end of the day D: Maybe if I just rinse my hair instead of washing that will help it :)

  19. yeah that definitely does! Mine gets terrible when I'm back home in California in 40C haha so i just use dry shampoo as soon as i get out of the shower even (and have dry hair) and I've found if you cover your hair in it at night (old lady status) you wake up and it looks perfect, but buns are your best friend lol and cute pony tails


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