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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Without Rhyme or Reason

Hey everyone!!!! Now if you read my blog, you know I'm getting back into my more "street style" posts- basically what I wear every day because lets face it we don't wear fancy dresses every day of the week (I almost never wear them...) and I love seeing how people wear their clothes regularly!

I found this new brand Without Reason Apparel through instagram, and I reached out to them because I loved their clothes and they are definitely something I'd wear every day (I do, I've worn the sweatshirt almost every day since I received it) and I adore up and coming brands! If I can help get a brand more "out there" that's a perk, but usually the newer brands have super cool clothes that you wouldn't be able to find in a normal store and that's one of the reasons I love them so much!

Leather Jacket - Target (last season) $39.99 (?)
Scarf - SWAK (was free with purchase)
Men's Flannel - Kohls
So this is what I looked like outside, it is so cold here (it's been 19 to 20F or -6 to -7C) and so I definitely have to dress in layers. I feel like Snoopy in that Charlie Brown comic where Snoopy has on that huge down jacket (if you have no idea what I'm talking about google it, it's hilarious). Layers are your best friend in the winter- throw a California girl in the snow and it makes for one unhappy camper. I like the snow when I can go, visit, and LEAVE. Like in Tahoe!

Sans-scarf, you can see the logo of the shirt. I am a very neutral color wearer, so this is about as colorful as I get (which is fab because this brand does a lot of neutrals so I'm already sold), unless they are flannels. I own about ten flannels- most of my closet is flannels (even check my instagram, you'll see them 100 times! <- shameless plug, I'm like 8 followers away from 1k!).

Another thing, if you can get your hands on Target jeggings buy about ten pairs. I don't know why they're called jeggings-they're just stretchy jeans, but they are super form fitting, have some stretch to them, but still "hold you in" if you get what I'm saying....SUPER FLATTERING.

Most of the time when it's super cold I think people feel like they have to put on so many layers that they end up looking like a round snowball, but hey I think this turned out super edgy-chic aka my style.

Without Reason makes all of their tees on American Apparel jersey shirts, which are basically my favorite shirts in the world. You know when you have a shirt for a LONG time and it gets that certain type of feeling (like when you first buy a shirt and for a few years it feels almost like it's been starched...) the American Apparel shirts have that feeling. They are so soft I just want all of my clothes to be made from that material - I had some jersey cotton (same material) bed sheets in Santa Cruz and oh man they were the softest, stretchiest sheets ever.

I have the shirt in a size small, all the clothes Without Reason makes are unisex (which I think is such a smart business strategy) and if you want it a little baggier go a size up. Usually I have to get a medium because of the girls, but since this shirt has such nice material I was able to get a small (!) thankfully. Mediums usually fit around the boobs, but are super baggy everywhere else and make my waist look double-wide, this shirt is still a little loose but in a flattering way. For size reference I wear a 3-5 in jeans (American sizes and depending on the brand) or a UK 8, and this shirt fits wonderfully. It isn't baggy, but it isn't really tight and constricting. The cut of all American Apparel shirts is super flattering and would look good on any body shape.

It impresses me so much that they are able to use such high quality tees, have such a cute matchstick logo that both guys and girls will love (IMPORTANT) and sell them for only £12?! If you follow them on instagram, I always see sales pop up on my feed so I'd recommend following them there too, I know I do :)

OH if you guys were wondering my lippie is the NYX Vamp Cream in Bewitching (shoutout to my BFF for sending it to me in a care package! The only shadow I'm wearing is MAC Patina, I have on Warm Soul blush (what else), Mary Lou-Manizer, NYX Taupe Blush, and the Inglot Eyebrow Wax Pencil (I forget the exact name).

Beanie - Scuba Diver Beanie (Dad's Old One)

Since the brand is extremely new, they only have a few items (I vote for more tees, beanies, sweatshirts, hoodies- EVERYTHING hint hint...OH! and socks. Not sure why but I adore funky socks). But hello can we please admire this sweatshirt. Has anyone seen The Mummy movies? I ADORE those movies (except for when they changed Evie) and this sweatshirt reminds me of the scarabs that pop out of the wall.

I know these outfits are different, but the pictures were genuinely taken on different days. I do often wear these two together, but the first day I wore them (a.k.a the day I tore open the package from the mail) I took off the sweatshirt after I got back from class to take the blog pictures and there were little white fuzzy things all over the black shirt because I hadn't washed it yet haha (but it doesn't do that anymore I promise). But in a way, I think it's better that I took the pictures on different days so you can really see how I style the pieces differently.

It's so comfy and cozy I've been wearing it under my thick winter jacket for probably a week straight now... I was talking to the creator of the brand and he said although the sweatshirts aren't American Apparel like the tee shirts, they're working on getting them to be all made by the same brand (AA).

We all know I love my monotone colors and cool designs on clothes, and this fits me to a T (also have a size small in this in case you were wondering). Love love LOVE this and can't wait until they come out with more products.

It amazes me that this brand can make such awesome clothes on such nice material for such an inexpensive price. They really care about their followers, they always reply to them on instagram, they always answer my emails always immediately - and I think that really says a lot about a brand.

I ADORE their clothes and cannot wait until they come out with more. PLEASE go show them some love and check out their site! They're unisex clothes so they could make a great gift for anyone and everyone with the holidays coming up. I think anyone would appreciate these as a gift (I know I would, and probably everyone in my house would - I may get one of my cousins one, I know he doesn't read my blog but his sister, my little baby cousin totally does - so Celeste keep your mouth shut!).

Please go show this brand some love! They're brand new, and could really use all the support they could get and they honestly deserve so much more recognition than they get! Thank you all so much for reading (even though it was a bit picture heavy) and I hope you found a new brand to love!

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  1. Omg I saw on Twitter a few hours ago you were getting excited that you looked like Khloe Kardashian and I didn't see it at all but now that I'm looking at the pictures from my laptop YOU REALLY DO LOOK THE SAME ALMOST OMG

    Zoe xx

  2. Beautiful looks!

  3. thanks so much!!

  4. omg!!!!!! ahahahhah i didn't see it at all either until i looked through a bunch of my pictures and khloe kardashians pictures with like similar makeup looks and then i saw it. i knew it couldn't have been a coincidence that so many people have been telling me that though haha even on instagram! (there I REALLY couldn't see it) i knew we had similar noses but thats all i thought haha. thanks for reading doll!

  5. yeah definitely and then you can take them all off when you get inside and its super warm in the buildings
    greetings from Poland!

  6. That lip color looks really good on you! Love the outfits :)

  7. Every time I see your hair, a little bit of me dies because mine isn't as good! I love the whole shirt tied around waste thing, looks so good! I love discovering new brands too, it's nice to wear something less generic!

    India / Too Faced giveaway

  8. You are looking fabulous, your hair is looking long and lush and that lipstick is perfect. I love the sweater most xxx

  9. aww you're too sweet! the secret is to not wash it!! i wash mine like once a week.... oops lol. yeah i love the less generic brands, you can walk around and not see twenty people wearing almost the same shirt you have on or get the "oh I have that shirt at home!" comment haha

  10. you are literally too nice to me!!! haha thank you so so much! and yeah its a [retty badass sweater :)

  11. I like both the tshirt and sweatshirt, but more the sweatshirt. I love the design! Thanks for sharing. Kate x

  12. I really like your style, it suits you so well and that lipstick shade goes perfectly with the clothes, so gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

  13. Just discovered your blog and love it - will definitely be following!

    Great style I wear beanies waaaay too much :) xx

  14. omg me too. and thanks!

  15. aw thanks so much!!!

  16. loveeeee this brand! and the prices are super reasonable and there are always sales xx


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