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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Almond Cookies | Neve Cosmetics

Hey everyone! Finally on Christmas break and back to posting! :) First off i wanted to start out with a lipstick I've been wearing almost every single day- the Neve Cosmetics Dessert A Levres lipstick in Almond Cookie. I was sent some mineral makeup from Mineral Makeup Boutique to try out, and this was definitely the star of the show as I can't put it down. When I think of mineral makeup I always think of the old Bare Mineral days with the powders, or the infomercials where they would say "Just tap the product in the lid, swirl, and then apply to your face! You need so little!" or even worse the stands in the mall that try and drag you in to try their makeup that is ridiculously overpriced.

I DEFINITELY didn't think of lipsticks and lipliners- and since let's face it, we all end up eating our lipstick and liner- it gets in your mouth, so why not have it be more natural and contain ingredients that are good for you? If you've been hanging around my blog for a while you know I'm always ready to try a product that contains more natural ingredients. This particular one says it contains natural ingredients, shea butter, and oils to nourish your lips. I love this line as all of the lipsticks have dessert themed names, and kind of the same coloring and it literally is dessert for your lips- this one is Almond Cookie (Yum!)

And here is this little beauty applied. It's described as a "warm, pink, bisuit nude, neutral and elegant this lipstick has caramel undertones designed to give your lips a deliciously crisp amber shade."

I think this is the perfect warm peachy pink nude that everyone is always after. It is almost the exact same color as my favorite lipliner Subculture by MAC which is fabulous in itself because the two pair together perfectly. (I did pair it with that liner in this picture and every time I wear it almost)

Every look I've paired this lip with it has looked wonderful, it's one of those lipsticks that you can just throw on without a mirror or be super precise and use a liner for a polished look. This lipstick (and I believe the whole line) has a creme formula, which is my absolute favorite (I think I only own and like one lipstick that isn't a creme formula- Bombshell by MAC) but is surprisingly long wearing for being a creme lipstick. Most creme lipsticks just slide right off but this one manages to stay on, doesn't highlight any dry patches (I had major dry lips when I took this picture, and it's like when you put this lipstick on it sticks the dry patches down or glides overtop of them instead of highlighting them-can't all lipsticks do that?)

Neve Mineral Cosmetics says:
"Made in Italy, no parabens, silicones, petrolatum or animal components (vegetarian). Formulated to reduce the risk of allergies and fragrance free. Cruelty free: tested on makeup artists, not on animals."

Here is the lipstick in action (the same day) just for a whole completed look. Super casual, brown shadow, winged liner, MAC Warm Soul blush (my favorite) and this lipstick makes it automatically makes it look pulled together but still casual at the same time.

I absolutely adore this lipstick because I've worn it on nights out with a smokey eye and it looks great, but it also looks great worn casually just like I've shown here. I'm pretty sure all of the other products on my face were the ones I talked about in my current favorites post (I hope you all rad that one, because it's my first favorites post so you know the products HAVE to be good!) Read that post, then come back here so you know what I mean- this lipstick is like a warm toned version of my favorite The Balm Mai Billsbepaid lipstick.

Mineral Makeup Boutique was nice enough to include a few other products in my little care package that they sent over. They asked me to pick out an eyeshadow and a blush to sample, so I picked out the Ginger mineral eyeshadow which is a beautiful sparkly copper toned shadow, and I chose the Summertime mineral blush which is basically a sparklier version of one of my all time favorites- MAC Warm Soul (again, go read my current favorites post! I blab on and on about it!) They also surprised me and included this gorgeous Pastello Burgundy lipliner which I've used every time I've worn a dark lip (which is quite a lot...if you follow me on twitter -> shameless plug I quite frequently post MOTD pictures). I love this liner for dark lips because when you wear a dark lip you need quite a hard liner to prevent bleeding and this is a pretty hard and nice and dark liner which suits my needs perfectly.

Here are some swatches, from left to right: Summertime Blush, Ginger Eyeshadow, Pastello Burgundy Lipliner, and Dessert a Levres lipstick in Almond Cookie.

I found this website through one of my favorite youtubers Dyna and thought I'd contact them after I saw they sent her some stuff (I would strongly recommend checking out her channel- she stays on top of new releases and has such good tutorials! You can find her channel here)

If you're looking to check out some good high quality mineral makeup I would strongly recommend this website as I absolutely loved every product they sent me, and their prices are definitely reasonable!

Let me know what you think of this beautiful lipstick! Have you tried mineral lipsticks? I didn't even know they existed!

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  1. The packadging is so cute! and i love the colours - looks great on you!


  2. aw thanks so much sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I love the purple tube its so adorable (and easy to spot)

  3. This is such a nice lipstick colour! It definitely looks like the perfect nude! x

    Beyond the Velvet | Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

  4. That lipstick is such a perfect colour! I never thought of what ingredients we accidentally eat from lipstick haha, good point!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  5. yes!!!!!!! i've been getting that a lot lately! like the past two months EVERYONE has been saying that! I absolutely ADORE her so i take it as a HUGEEE compliment but I've never gotten that compliment until like two months ago and now I've gotten it probably 30 or 40 times lol xx

  6. i need this lipstick! so pretty

  7. so gorgeous right!

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  9. i know right? i never honestly thought about it until I thought about WHY they make vegan lipsticks or chemical free all natural etc- and some that i've tried SUCK, but this one is amazing! better quality than mac even!

  10. SUCH a perfect nude! on the peachy side of things, its like a peach brown but i think it would suit so many people!

  11. me too haha I'm not too adventurous with crazy colors unless its dark lipsticks :)


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