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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Current Obsessions

Okay, so we all know that I don't do monthly favorites and hate the thought of doing monthly favorites- but for a while I have been pondering the idea of doing current favorites. I hadn't really had enough products that I had fallen so deeply in love with though to do a favorites post because I am a very fickle makeup user.

I probably do own more than the average person, and I like to get my good use out of it so I'm constantly using different products and doing different looks but lately I've noticed a trend and there have been the same products I've been reaching for over and over so I figured it was FINALLY time to do a favorites post, as I had enough "favorites" to share!

**everything in this post that is in bold is a clickable link to the product**

First off- I will admit it. Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I am a lip product addict. I am-ask anyone who knows me. So for me to stick to the same few shades for this long is literally shocking.

1. The Balm Girls - Mai Billsbepaid* $17 So I was sent this, and it has become 100% my all time favorite nude. I hardly ever do lipstick reviews because some just don't give me that wow factor, but I love this one so much I did a full review dedicated to it here. This is the most universally flattering nude I have ever seen in my life. It looks different on every girl who wears it (I'm wearing it in my twitter pic), but every girl from every skin tone that I've seen it on it looks amazing! It looks good with warm looks, cool looks, dramatic looks, no makeup day looks- if you get what I'm saying you can basically wear this lipstick at any point in your life and it will look good. It also makes your teeth look a bit brighter too which is always a plus, and it isn't a flesh toned nude, its more of a pinky/peach nude depending on how it shows up in combination with your skin tone and what liner you pair it with.

2. NYX Simply Vamp Lip Cream - Bewitching $6.50 So I really wanted this beautiful lippie and my best friend Paula (@heyyitspaulaa on twitter if you want to give her a follow) sent me a cute little care package from back home in California and included this little beauty. Oh. My. God. Every time I wear this I get people asking me what it is, on twitter, classmates, on blog posts; you're seen me post pictures on twitter with it on and I always get at least four or five people asking what I'm wearing. This is the softest, creamiest lipstick that is so pigmented it's beautiful. I do recommend using a hard lipliner because it is a softer lipstick, but it stays on for forever and is so flattering on everyone since it's a deep eggplant purple with a hint of berry in it. I die for it.

3. Maybelline Mattes - Divine Wine $7.99 Paula, being the beautiful wonderful best friend that she is also sent me HER favorite lipstick, which has now become one of MY favorite lipsticks. We literally have the exact same taste in makeup and I've been trying to convince her to start a blog for ages...but that's another story. The matte formula of these lipsticks- oh my gosh they are literally from another planet. I also have Touch of Spice (but I felt it would be redundant to include both even though I love it too), and the formula of these is hard to describe. They apply like a cream finish lipstick, and slowly wear down to a matte, but it's like the moisture from the cream look sinks into your lips and hydrates them and you don't even notice you're wearing a lipstick at all hardly. AMAZING.

4. MAC - Subculture Lipliner $16 This is number two of this pencil if that tells you anything right there. This is the most versatile lip pencil in the whole entire world. You can literally put it under any look and it just makes it better. It's a little darker than a natural lip color, so when you put a lighter lipstick on top it gives a natural shading (slightly) to give that fuller pout. If you want to overdraw your lips with a liner and have it look natural, here's the liner for you! I even some days just fill my lips in with this liner and then will pat some lip balm over the top if I want some extra moisture. I absolutely adore this liner and could NOT live without it.

Left to Right

On to the face! Most of these have been steady favorites / recommendations throughout my blogging life. If you follow me on twitter you'll probably have seen me talk about most of these as I adore them.

1. NYX - Taupe Blush $5 A lot of people tweet me telling me they can't find this in stores, I've never found it in Ulta or any store-I order it offline. This is the best contour powder for fair and tan skin alike a it has a grey/beige undertone which looks like a natural shadow. I've had this for about two years and use it every single day (hence why it looks so grubby) and still haven't hit pan on it! I use it with my RT blush brush, and then apply a bronzer over top of it, but this really sculpts out the cheekbones. It's an inexpensive version of the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder or the MAC Sculpting Powder

2. MAC - Warm Soul Mineralize Blush $27 Now this little baby sat so unappreciated for so long I want to cry. I bought it, applied it, and thought it made my face look like a disc ball and went "I'm done with you!" and threw it to the back of my drawers. Yeah that was a serious case of user error. The mineralize blushes are sparkly and have that highlighty effect-yes. Application is key my friends, application is key. I usually apply all blushes with a stippling brush because I am heavy handed-this one I apply with a thick angled brush (the stippling brush seems to just pick up the sparkles and throw them around your cheeks). This blush is the most beautiful peachy/pink/gold/bronze goddess blush of life. If you want the Victoria's Secret model look, you need this blush. That's the effect it gives! I can't think of any other way to describe it! I am such a blush junkie and every time I try and step away from this I just think man my blush looks weird...or it just isn't looking too good today.

3. L'Oreal - Butterfly Effect Mascara $8.50 My best friend (hey Paula again) texted me that she was at the store looking for a new mascara because she needed to buy a new one and wanted to know what I use/recommend. I told her this one, and probably the second she got home (like an hour later) she texted me a picture of her lashes and said "HOLY SHIT IT LOOKS LIKE IM WEARING FALSIES!" Verbatim (basically). So I'm not biased on this mascara, but this mascara is so fabulous I love it! It has a plastic wand (which usually I don't like except for a select few) and I did an entire review on it that you can find here but I would say it's the closest dupe I've found for Benefit They're Real and this tube is never ending! Best drugstore mascara by far!

4. Makeup Revolution - The Matte Effect Foundation £2 We need to just take a moment for this foundation. If it were £2 or £20 I would buy it. This is THE BEST foundation I have used thus far in my life - it has kicked my all time favorite Covergirl/Max Factor 3-in-1 to the curb which is shocking because that has been my favorite for over 2 years. This is a thin foundation that you can barely feel on your skin, it has really good coverage (about medium but is buildable) and stays matte all day like it says. There are a few magical things about this foundation. #1 I powder my T-Zone because I do get oily there especially on my 12 hour school days, and I can always see power on my skin and have to spray Fix+ or a setting spray of some sort, this foundation..somehow the powder melts into the foundation and they mix together and your skin just looks airbrushed and flawless- no need for any spray at all (and i've been using the same powder for over a year with all my foundations.) #2 I wear glasses in my classes, and take them off outside because I can see fine and they fog up from the cold, or I wear sunglasses! Anyone who has worn either of these (all of us) know that when you take them off there's a little imprint where they sat on your nose and the foundation rubbed off or moved- THIS FOUNDATION DOESN'T DO THAT AT ALL! #3 Almost all foundations look terrible on my nose and sometimes in between my eyebrows and most make it look like I have really flaky skin there, even my high end foundations and it just looks bad. I have to work so hard on that area to make my foundation look good; this foundation makes my nose look FLAWLESS but like I just have 100% perfect skin! Also the online swatches are 100% accurate but if your color is a little off, it blends out really nicely and you'll never get the foundation line. My summer color is Natural Beige but now I should be wearing Ivory and since I don't have Ivory I'm still wearing the former and there are no weird foundation lines. I will do a full post on this- but I have so much to say! It is literally my favorite foundation of all time. ALSO this foundation has SPF and there isn't flashback-I used it on halloween and it stayed matte the whole night, but before I went out I took a picture of my makeup with a flash and you can see for yourself how it looks below!

all products mentioned in this post were used in this picture except the three lipsticks

5. The Balm - Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter* $24 Hallelujah, I have fallen back in love with highlighters due to this bad boy. I was sent this by the amazing The Balm EU team (I linked their twitter, go follow them!) and this is the best highlighter I've ever used (I only own 4 The Balm products and two of them have made their way into my favorites- I think I'm sensing a trend?). For a while I swore off highlighters because I was applying way too much and looking like a disco ball, and I went through a matte face phase (bad idea, that has passed). I had been wanting to try this FOREVER and I was thrilled when they sent it over, and it is my favorite highlighter I own. I usually only use highlighter on my cheek bones, and have always been so confused why people use it on their nose and forehead and chin- I thought why would you want that to be shiny? Wouldn't your face look greasy? But after using this- I get it now! I sweep it on my cheekbones and brow bone with a fan brush, and on my nose by barely tapping my finger in (and what's left on the fan brush on my forehead, chin, and cupid's bow). I know this seems like a lot, but you use SO LITTLE product because it is so ridiculously pigmented it will last me a lifetime I think. 

6. Inglot - Brow Shaping Pencil $12 (on sale for $9.60) This is a huge pencil. I know you're all thinking either she's crazy, my eyebrows are too skinny, how do you get definition etc. because in our minds the skinnier the pencil the better. This brow pencil is basically a wax with some color that just sticks to your brow hairs mainly. It is one of the only things I've been using since I got it and I can do my brows in .2 seconds which is amazing because my brow hairs are so blonde you can't see them. This brow pencil deposits color onto your brow hairs, and sticks them down in place because it is a wax. It is for definition and gives you the most natural looking brow ever. You know all the pictures going around the internet of that amazing brow everyone wants that is done but doesn't look "done" that's the effect this gives- full thick brows that are polished but aren't filled in completely. With brow pencils it's easy to get sharpie brows but since the pencil is so big it doesn't get all the way to your skin and instead glides on top of the hairs and you can still see the little teeny tiny gaps like with a natural brow) in between the hairs. Best product, and tames the hairs at the same time.

7. Makeup Revolution - Amazing Eyeliner Waterproof £1.50 The last "waterproof" eyeliner I tried was by Collection 2000 and was the worst liner I've tried in my life. When I blinked it cracked and I could feel it cracking and flaking off and it was a terrible experience. I saw this one when I made my huge purchase from Makeup Revolution (by the way, they do send me some products to review but I also make purchases myself and both of the MR products here I bought) I decided why not, let's try their waterproof liquid liner since I have the world's oiliest lids. This is the best liquid eyeliner I own (and I have a very expensive one that is $35 I received as a gift and it is terrible in comparison). This liner has the finest tip ever but you can get a super thin or thick line, and it doesn't transfer! Almost all liners transfer on my and it drives me up the wall, and this is the blackest liner ever, doesn't transfer, and is so easy to apply. I kind of suck at applying liquid liner but this one is amazing and lasts forever! I used it on Halloween for that epic cat eye (picture above under the MR foundation topic) and it didn't move all night, didn't smear and still looked perfect when I got home. Best eyeliner hands down and it's only £1.50!!

This was a VERY long post, so thanks for sticking around if you made it to the end! Did you guys like this post? I never do them but since I have had enough steady LOVES I figured I would do a "favorites" post. I'll keep doing them if you like them (just not monthly). I think that's also why it was a lot longer, because I've used the product for so long I can get really in depth and tell you everything you need to know about it!

Thank you so much for reading you guys are the absolute best! Thank you so much for supporting me, and if you look there's a new page above and a new sidebar tab of places that my blog or my posts have been featured in! (Also the advertising spots are available!)

Love you all and give me some feedback on if you liked this post, should I keep doing them, do you agree with me on any products, and maybe you found some new products to love! What have been your favorites lately?

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  1. I love the lipstick from #3 but the best is the super cute picture with nearly all the products on you :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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    Christmas Surprise with Self Interest

  2. Love the shade of MAC liner that you chose - its so pretty!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  3. it goes with EVERYTHING its the best liner out there!!!!

  4. aw thanks! you can definitely tell that these are my favorites because it's december and I took that picture back at the end of October! So I've been using them for a long time now haha

  5. I think I want all the products, great picks :) x

  6. NYX bewitching looks so gorgeous! Id love that in my collection

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  7. thanks so much! its so flattering on so many people!

  8. haha they're all so fab

  9. so beautiful! looks so flattering on everyone too

  10. same! been so into vampy colors this fall/winter

  11. Loved reading through all of this! :)

    Aren't Makeup Revolution fab? I've reviewed a few of their things on my blog before, including their The One foundation (which I love & you might like) but by the sound of things I need to try their Matte Effect one too.

    Great post!

  12. i totally have that one too! this one is a bit thicker in texture but still really similar, just stays matte longer and has a bit more coverage! I need to try their Ultra Base foundation (I think that's what it's called)


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