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Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Fluffy Pony

My fluffy pony, my fluffy pony... Just kidding does anyone remember those My Little Pony commercials though? If you follow me on twitter it is a well known fact that I wash my hair MAYBE once a week (it sounds gross, it's not!) but let's be honest, it does get greasy so we have to come up with ways to camouflage the grease.
Whether you wash your hair every other day, every three days, once a week, once a month (I know a girl that goes that long so it does happen) we get greasy hair. Sometimes we don't have a chance to wash it and need to do something fast to run out the door. The one problem that I run into though, is that a messy bun is not always acceptable (and if you're in the work place it probably isn't either) and sometimes a sleek bun can take some time - and lets face it, to get that perfect "messy" bun it takes some time too.

I'm a med student, the one thing I don't have is time. Some days of the week I get one hour of sleep (so much fun I know). Yes I write a blog, but it's to de-stress and relax a bit. But in the mornings I try and cut my schedule down to the quickest morning routine possible because some of my classes I have to leave by 7am at the latest to get to certain hospitals by public transportation.

SO here it comes, my fluffy pony tail. This is nothing new, nothing earth shatteringly ground breaking, but it deserves a mention and I don't think people know it works for camouflaging greasy hair. (Teasing your hair does! Not sure why but it does!)

All you need to do this is a comb or a brush and a hair tie. If you want to get fancy and do a little braid and wrap it around the hair tie grab some bobby pins but ain't nobody got time fo dat! And if you're having a REALLY greasy hair day some dry shampoo.

 All I do to achieve this hairstyle is tease the crap out of the top of my head (if I use dry shampoo I spray the dry shampoo in first, not hitting the pieces that you can see, so going on the underside of my hair and the teasing action rubs in the dry shampoo), then gather all your hair and put it in a pony tail. It can be super high, super low, in the middle, wherever you like. The only thing you have to make sure is that the top layer is smooth and you don't see any of the teased ratty hair.

Here's the trick! A lot of people are let down because they did all this teasing (the two seconds of teasing I do) and put it in a pony tail super carefully and it falls flat. I'm not careful putting it in a pony tail, just careful that the outside is smooth. Your pony tail WILL be flat at this stage. But you don't need to do the whole bobby pin ordeal to get a little volume (you know what I'm talking about).

Okay back to the secret to this. After your hair is in a pony tail, take your fingers, the end of a comb, the tail of a teasing comb, whatever you have handy- I just use my fingers and (sort of) gently pull pieces on the top of your head upwards. I like using my fingers because it gives it a bit of an undone look, like "oh yeah I have naturally voluminous awesome pony tails." Just me who thinks that? If you're using the tail of a teasing comb hook it under your hair and gently pull upwards to do this same trick. Then fix your hair to your liking, pulling the pieces you want taller, evening it out, etc. and then your pony tail at the hair tie will be loose. The key to not messing up the five seconds of work you just did is to pull your hair from the SIDES as in left and right to tighten it instead of up and down. Then you can gently pull on the top to get some volume that way if you like.

Anything fancy you want to do beyond that, go for it! But this is literally a two minute hairstyle that I do quite often (I also like to have my hair up for labs, so I just put it up at the beginning of the day) and it looks like you spent a fair amount of time on it rather than the plain old bun. Plus it shows off your hair instead of having it wound up on the top of your head.

Another tip- just a life tip to keep your hair nice and help it grow (and tangle free-ish), is I sleep with my hair in a loose braid at night which kind of calms down my curls and gives it a different texture like you see here. I'm thinking of doing a post on tips to grow your hair (without pills or supplements) and keep it healthy, what do you guys think? I don't want to come off too obnoxious "Oh my hair is so fab you should want it just like mine" but I always get comments about my hair (which I love) on my posts so I was thinking about doing that type of hair posts - and maybe more hair posts like this if you want to see them!

Let me know! I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and maybe learned something new or were inspired (by the shortest, quickest hairstyle ever).

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  1. I was thinking of my little pony before you mentionned it! I think it'll forever be in my mind...:P Love you sweater by the way, where's it from?

  2. This looks really pretty, love your jumper too!

  3. thanks so much!!!

  4. ahahahaha great minds think alike! and it's from Goodwill actually lol!

  5. thanks so much!

  6. I love this pony tail! I will definitely be trying this out!

  7. I love your jumper! where's it from? Xx

  8. yay! its so easy and looks so chic especially for a pony tail haha :)

  9. from goodwill :( sorry!!! I hate putting stuff like that in my posts but it was cold that day lol and the sweater is warm :)

  10. thanks so much!

  11. Your jumper is amazing! It looks so cosy :) This is what my hair looks like most lazy days/gym days/ I just cant be bothered days! xx


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