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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peachy Keen

Hello ladies! I think everyone here can safely say we all love and use highlighters, some of us use them on more parts of our faces than others, but that's okay too! The deal with highlighters I think is whether they are too strong, too weak, don't show up at all, are too glittery, too shimmery-there are a lot of boxes to tick when looking for the perfect highlighter (my favorite is Mary Lou-Manizer I mentioned it in my current obsessions post you can read here)

I think we all know I'm obsessed with Makeup Revolution, that's no secret- so naturally I had to try out their highlighters (I also have the pink/purpley one). I am a self confessed cheek product addict, blush, bronzers, highlighters, contour powders you name it I love it (and lip junkie but that's a different post) so I've definitely tried my fair share of highlighters and think I can give a pretty good description.

So this is a baked product, which if you aren't familiar what "baked" makeup products are for, what the term means, or why they're baked at all- baked products start out as a liquid, then are baked. What this does is it gives off less product when you're using it and it gives it a bit of a different application. So maybe you're thinking why would I buy a product that gives off less product when I use it - well a lot of people (ME) can be heavy handed, and with highlighters, that is one thing very easy to mess up if you are heavy handed.

This highlighter is a peach color, which suits most skin tones (think MAC Soft and Gentle - there's a swatch comparison later on in the post) and is a very finely milled product. If you are a heavy handed person like myself this will be perfect for you because if you just swirl your brush in it you're going  to get a nice glow going on. If you just tap your brush in it, you'll get the lightest application which can be better if you like to highlight your forehead, nose, and chin.

There's no glitter in this product at all, just a bit of shimmer but more of a glow. It's hard to describe because in a way it just gives a glow- like that "lit from within" thing people are always talking about. The swatch on my finger is pretty built up, so you can see what I'm talking about on how because it's baked it gives off less product when you're applying it.

This highlighter is super gorgeous because you can use it all over the face and you just glow. You don't end up with glitter in strange places *ahem MAC Soft and Gentle* (which is not a soft or gentle highlight at all) and your face just looks like it's under those really flattering studio lights when you're wearing it. You can't look at your face and see a band of highlighter. Some girls you look and are just like WOAH someone went a little overboard on the highlighter, and I don't think it's physically possible to do that with this product.

When you see them swatched side by side you can see that MAC Soft and Gentle is more peach toned than this one, although the Makeup Revolution highlight may look a tad frosty, it's not. It is just lighter in peach color. When I swatched these, they are both heavy swatches and I rubbed my finger around in the pan about the same for the both of them, they are both finely milled and exactly the same in texture.

They are both baked products, and the price difference is massive. Since the Makeup Revolution highlight is in pounds we will talk about the prices in pounds. The Makeup Revolution is £3 for 7.5g and the MAC MSF is £23 for 10g. That makes the Makeup Revolution highlight £0.40 per gram and the MAC MSF is £2.3 per gram if that puts it in better perspective, another way to put it is if the Makeup Revolution highlighter was 10g like the MAC MSF, it would cost £1 more (if you do all the math) so you would pay £4 for the same amount of this highlighter.

Realistically I think I like this highlighter better. The MAC MSF has tiny bits of glitter in it and it is so easy to go overboard with, this one just gives a glow. I do wish the colors were a little closer, but they still are PRETTY close in color, the MAC one is just slightly warmer and the Makeup Revolution one is slightly cooler toned.

I love Makeup Revolution as a brand, (I wish I had all of their products because they would have a nice little home in my makeup collection and would fill up some nice review on my blog, but I'm working my way up to get more!) and I think this is a WONDERFUL highlighter on its own, it's great for the heavy handed (myself included) and is also really good for beginners. They also have a pink toned and a golden toned highlighter to fit all skin tone needs. In the picture above you can REALLY see the glow factor I was talking about and I really built it up for you to be able to see the effect on camera (I'm also wearing their waterproof liquid liner which I also talked about in my current obsessions post MAC Warm Soul blush, and NYX Taupe blush as a contour, and the Inglot brow shaping pencil all talked about in that post).

I hope this review helped and you learned something new today, and maybe I helped sway a purchase and save you some money! Thanks so much for reading! (I know I'm long winded).

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  1. Love the look of this - I really like the effect that it gives, interesting that you prefer it in fact to the MAC!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  2. Ohhh this is a very pretty highlighter! I am very heavy handed so this would work perfectly for me!


    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. the MAC one I like if I remember to be super careful with it but sometimes I wear the MAC one and I see actual glitter and then if its sunny I see the dreaded highlighter stripe no matter how much I blend!!! This one doesn't do that at all!

  4. Isn't it gorgeous!? It gives such a gorgeous effect in person that's almost impossible to capture on camera but hey for us heavy handed people highlighters can be our worst enemy, but not with this one :)

  5. i know it's so beautiful!!!

  6. I've heard quite a bit about this highlight - it looks stunning on you!


  7. really? I've never seen anyone talk about it!!!!! would love to see their posts haha :) thanks so much! I think it would flatter so many skin tones :)

  8. great review, loved the comparison to mac! x

  9. I think that that is such a beautiful bronzer! Such a nice way to add some warmth during the Winter season.

  10. yeah such a nice highlighter and mixed with the bronzey blush i have on and the bronzer its a killer combo!

  11. YESSSS I want them all! I've tried a lot of them and holy moly you will NOT be disappointed no matter what you try. For xmas I also got my best friends some of the new release products and they're now obsessed with the brand LOL

  12. yay! thanks so much! I knew at least someone would want to know, I know I would since they're both peachy highlights you know?


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