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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Medicine Man

Twitter is a great place to connect. On twitter a company called Ground Soap followed me and I got to talking to the owner and of course curiosity killed the cat and I had to go and browse the site, and this soap called Medicine Man caught my eye!

As I looked into this company and read their About Us page I saw that this company was about more than just "oh let's make some organic stuff" they really cared about the customer and the health and safety of them, and all of the problems that there currently are in the beauty industry. When reading their page, this is the part that really caught my attention and made me really think about their intentions and how good of a heart they have:

"Along the way we also discovered that there were pretty big problems in the health and beauty industry as a whole with synthetic and chemical ingredients. Worse yet was that there were no standards for regulating these ingredients to keep people safe from exposure to things like carcinogens, parabens and compounds that mimic estrogen that are regularly used in beauty products. Instead of raging against the industry we set out to simply provide healthy and natural options to these products. "

You can really just feel the love that Ground Soap has for their customers and how instead of getting mad that there are toxic chemicals in beauty products, they decided to just make products to change that. I am no saint, I am the first to admit that, but as you've seen in my previous posts I really do try and make an effort to use the more natural organic (and ESPECIALLY cruelty free) products when I have the chance, so I asked on twitter to try their products.

The bar comes packaged so nicely in a little cloth wrap (that I use to re-wrap after I cut off a piece to use for a while, and then I put it back in my makeup drawers) with just such a cute little card with the name of the soap on it, I mean you can see it above but I really love when companies take time to package their products so beautifully. The packaging alone would incline me to buy the soap and try it out.

Medicine Man - Ground Soap* $12.99

Since I am a big fan of tea tree oil and my skin problems are clogged pores, the occasional spot, but mostly those annoying little bumps under the skin-not cystic acne though (which tea tree oil helps all of those including cystic acne) they sent over their Medicine Man soap which is made with tea tree oil and Rhassoul Clay. The description on the website really sums up how this soap works and how many different types of skin can use it :

"Medicine Man has become a staple for many people with skin problems. From oily to dehydrated and scaly skin, Medicine Man has helped thousands of people see improvement. It comes down to the ingredients. Teatree is a powerhouse essential oil and is known for its natural antiseptic, disinfectant properties. Rhassoul clay gently extracts impurities from the skin while it exfoliates."

I have slightly sensitive skin as it does react with some products and I'll get scaly patches or break out pretty badly from some things or they just plain and simple don't work so you could definitely put me under the dehydrated, sensitive skin category (which leans towards more combination because I can get an oily T-zone). So this soap I would say is safe for sensitive skin and dry skin for those worried about that because I have been using it for quite some time now (I keep meaning to post this review and keep forgetting) and my skin has been 100% acne free-it is shocking! I alternate it with my Bioderma (now my Makeup Revolution Attack face wash which is a dupe for my favorite Bioderma face wash, but that's a different post). I didn't have a single breakout after wearing a LOT of makeup all night for Halloween because I washed my face when I got back with this soap and I woke up with skin that probably looked better than before Halloween because I made sure to really scrub my skin.

It is really weird to get used to using a bar soap to wash your face but I've found there are kind of three ways to do it, the first to rub the bar on your face, then put it down and wash your face with your hands and the soap suds up, the second would be to rub the bar in between your hands first and then wash your face, and the third would be to use whatever face washing tool you use (I use my clarisonic) and rub that on the soap first and then onto your face. I also cut pieces of the soap off in order not to waste it, as we all know bar soap sitting in a soap dish does kind of melt on one side and more is wasted putting the whole bar in the soap dish, so that's just a suggestion).

Overall, I LOVE this soap as it keeps me completely acne free, even when it's that time of the month (I usually get horrendous cystic acne-at least one or two and it even prevents that), it doesn't dry your skin out, and it is all natural and organic which is always a plus in my book. This soap has definitely become a staple in my skincare routine and Ground Soap has a BUNCH of different bar soaps to suit basically everyone's skin needs so I would highly recommend checking them out!

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  1. I struggle to wash my face with a bar of soap too. I tend to rub it on a flannel, lather it and then wipe the flannel on my face.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. I don't wash my face with a bar of soap but the few times I have, I just sudsed it up in my hands then worked it into my face.

    Allison from

  3. i thought i was the only one who uses bar soap to wash her face. great post

  4. i think i do it differently every time. I know when my skin was super sensitive and breaking out back when i was in california the only thing that calmed it down was the cetaphil bar soap, and one of my best friends had really bad acne and the cetaphil bar soap cleared it right up, the liquid version of the same one made her break out like a mofo

  5. yeah thats a good way too!!!!! i think ill be trying that one as well haha

  6. nope there are still a few of us out there! which one do you use?

  7. Oh, their soaps sound so nice! I'll look into getting something for my husband, since his skin doesn't like anything he uses. Thanks for sharing!

  8. they're so fantastic! i absolutely adore this brand!!! hope it works out for your husband :)

  9. yeah the cetaphil gel wash makes me break out but the bar doesn't for some reason, found an even better thing though- the makeup revolution antibacterial wash, havent had a single bump lump or even clogged pore since using it and I've used it through my time of the month where i get those angry under the skin volcanoes - the Cera Ve moisturizer- the basic one in the blue /white bottle thats not for face or anything it just says like daily moisturizer is literally my holy grail, if i have a dry patch from trying out a new moisturizer i put that on and over night its gone (otherwise i use it once or twice a day lol)


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