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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Casual Comfort & Unicorn Sweaters

Hey everyone! Today I've got another fashion post centered around my daily attire. You can't even imagine the countless flannels I have in my closet, probably half of my closet... and I was sent this super cute unicorn sweatshirt by Fecbek which is a super cool website that I was contacted by, and it was even harder deciding what item to choose from their site!

But, being me, I decided to go with something I'd wear often- a pastel unicorn sweatshirt (my fashion choices are boundless), and I just wanted to show you how I style things like this. I've said it before and I'll say it again, my style is casual comfy "chic" I use the term chic loosely, as in I don't look like a bum and look semi put together but I don't have to put real pants on...

Here's a closeup of this little beauty. I got the sweatshirt in a medium, but it IS a tight sweatshirt so if you like looser sweatshirts like I do I would recommend ordering a size up. I generally like a loose top and a tight bottom- I think my worst fear is when you sit down and can see folds of skin or rolls of skin and I know that's a fear from when I was heavier (still am) that has carried over, but it's still a thousand times comfier to wear looser clothing.

Since it's really cold here (snowing), I paired the sweatshirt with a thick pair of sweater leggings (pretty sure they are the ones made by Roxy that I buy on sale at Marshalls, or the American Apparel Winter Leggings, tall boots, and an open flannel (I think it's made by Quicksilver- Protip: I always buy my flannels from the mens section in a small or an extra small because they aren't fitted like the women's flannels are and don't have the stupid button on the sleeves for rolling them up)

Wore my hair messy like I do 99.9% of the time, rubbed a ColourPop shadow over my lids (a beautiful sparkly mid tone brown called Amira, I tweeted a picture of it) -they are slowly becoming one of my favorite brands. Everything is $5 and the formulations of their shadows and lip products are just out of this world-they just launched some blushes and even a contour shade and I'm dying to get my hands on them.

As you can see, simple but casual and I guess semi-chic but I literally adore this sweatshirt. It's so cute and usually I would wear the flannel buttoned up with this type of outfit but leaving it open showing a pastel unicorn? How can you not. Definitely check out Fecbek.

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  1. Adorable sweater

  2. i love it :) it's a neutral enough color theme to go with anything but its got a UNICORN. I think I'm secretly 5 at heart lol

  3. me too! the color scheme is neutral enough to go with anything but its got a Unicorn come on i love it lol i think I'm secretly 5 at heart :)


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