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Monday, February 16, 2015

#LFBeautyBox January | Review

Hey guys! Sorry this post is super late, as this is the JANUARY Look Fantastic beauty box (the flu is such a downer! But better late than never?) I'd rather post this late because it still shows the quality of these boxes and how they give you such amazing products!

The products are always HUGE, they're that size that isn't in the travel sized section of the store, but not quite full sized. If you get a shampoo or a body wash you can use it more than one time- which is always nice because then you can really get a good idea of if you want to actually buy the product (and you can take them on vacation and not have to take ten travel sized things to last you since this is the bigger size, positives all around!).

When you open the box it is packaged super nicely, there's a card explaining all of the beauty products, the benefits, how to use them, basically everything you'd want to know without reading the back of the bottle. There's even detailing right in the lid of the box, it says "Discover something beautiful." The box is actually beautiful in itself and the lid could be used for things like makeup organization (I use them for that) and it still looks nice - and it's free because you already got the box.

Okay enough talking about the uses of a box, and lets get on to the actual products in the box.

As you can see the products are massive, even for size comparison the Nuxe Masque is 1.7 oz, that's well over the tiny little samples most boxes give you.

MyVitamins Energise Effervescent (20 Tablets) £4.49 - So I think everyone is familiar with this type of vitamin, you drop a tablet into water, it fizzes, and you drink it and each type is aimed at something different. These are basically vitamin C tablets with a few other added vitamins. I think there are mixed feelings across the board on taking vitamins, well there's a debate amongst doctors (and people too). I tried these, they tasted pretty good- they had an orange flavor and while I don't think I was the best candidate to tell you if it works since I've been ridiculously sick with the flu, but my cousin swears by these. For £4 I think if you're a fan of vitamins give them a go! They taste nice and you can carry them around and throw one in a water bottle.

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defense Conditioning Spray (60ml) £5.28 - I am a huge fan of this spray, it detangles your hair really well if you spray it when you get out of the shower, it eliminates that horrendous hair static that can happen (curly girls put your hands up!) and made my hair feel really nice overall. I usually just use my Pantene detangler, but I can definitely see the difference when I use this.

Molton Brown Eucalyptus Body Wash (100ml) £6 - Molton Brown, I adore this brand. I first was introduced to it when i was five, flying on British Airways to Poland with my dad - world traveler at age 5 lol- and the hand soap in the bathroom was Orange & Bergamot, and my love for Molton Brown has been constant since then. The Eucalyptus body wash was super refreshing and tingly and I loved it (but if you don't like Eucalyptus smells (or Tea Tree-tha's very similar to this kind of Eucalyptus) stay far away from this scent, but there is a large range of scents from their line and they're all around a great brand in my opinion. It may be commonplace to the British but to me it has a definite memory tied to it.

Goldwell Dualsenses Color 60 Treatment Extra Rich (50ml) £2.48 - this is a SUPER thick hair mask that you put on in the shower and is nice because you only have to leave it on for a minute, although I usually put them on when I'm shaving my legs so it's on a bit longer. It is safe and works really well on color treated hair which is a plus because a lot of masks can be stripping of the color. I think this is just a good all-rounder.

Nuxe Creme Fraiche Mask (50ml) £19.50 - HELLO FULL SIZED. Can I get an amen! This mask is fabulous, and I am actually shocked that they put a full sized Nuxe mask in the box. This is an overnight mask like the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask- the one that smells like mangos. I personally like this one better than the origins mask, it has a SUPER nice smell, it smells like you walked into an expensive salon where they spray perfumes in the air or something, nothing fruity-more of the woody scents but I just can't really describe it, all I can say is it smells fabulous and works better for my skin than the Origins mask.

The prices that I wrote above were the actual price of the sample, I had divided the ml etc by the actual product that is for sale to get the price- you know the drill. But the grand total that this box amounted to was: £37.75!! And if you subtract the initial £15 that you pay for it you are left with making £22.75. I think that this box is such a great deal, I always love the products, and to be completely honest even if you didn't like half of the things in the box, the full sized Nuxe mask costs more than the box does-so if you play it that way you still are getting a great deal!

Sorry that this is up so late, but there are February boxes still available and I would strongly encourage you guys to go out and buy one! What is £15? Lunch at a chain restaurant? A coffee and a sandwich from Starbucks? Hope you liked the review and let me know what you guys got!

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  1. I like the sound of the tablets and the goldwell treatment, but as a whole I think the LF beauty box is awesomeeee, it is one of my favourite ones to get- not that I can keep up with my subs at the mo haha xxx

  2. omg so true lol! I love that it ships internationally since I'm studying abroad I can't get ANY subscription boxes over in Eastern Europe, but I can get this one :) And in my opinion it's the best box out of all the ones I've tried :)

  3. I don't actually mind the small bottles in these boxes. The saving on January seems to be pretty amazing.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. I know!! They were even more impressive in the last box, I'd reviewed another one of these boxes previously. They're honestly the best subscription box i've tried out :)

  5. I love Molton Brown products, I've went through so many of these mini ones too. Also love Philip Kingsley products, wish I had seen this when it came out x

    Through New Eyes x

  6. Have you tried the Orange Bergamot scent!?? It's to die for! I would still recommend the box each month because it is by far the best subscription box- have a look at my last post on the december or november box i was equally as fabulous!

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