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Friday, February 6, 2015

Lip Hug Full Collection Swatches + Review | Makeup Revolution

Hey everyone! Long time no speak, I have been so sick with the flu and my finals for schoolI haven't even had time to sleep let alone breathe. The flu shot this year had a 77% fail rate, they had the virus SO incredibly wrong and I was just lucky enough to get the full blown flu.

Anyways!! This is a review and swatch post of my new favorite formula and range of affordable lipsticks out there - the Makeup Revolution Lip Hugs. Makeup Revolution was wonderful enough to send me the entire line of their new Lip Hugs to review and I am so incredibly happy that they did because I swear there is magic in these- I may sound insane but I'll explain.

There are 20 colors in the collection and they range from nudes, to bright pinks and oranges, to rich reds, deep raspberry and even a bright fun orchid color. I truly believe that there is a color for everyone in this line as it is so well rounded in it's range that you will always find something you like (I've even found a few dupes already for some of my most loved lipsticks, but I will say I like this formula better). 

First I'll walk you through the colors, and then go into the formula and the true magic behind these little babies, but if you're just looking for a review on the formula I'll hint now and say that it's somewhere in between the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks and the Inglot Slimgel lipsticks, two of my favorites.

 Left to Right:
 We Have Come Too Far, I Think You're Amazing, Insatiable, Love Can Set You Free, Good Fun, 
Not Giving Up, When You Came to Me

These are the more nude shades that are offered, I would compare the lightest shade on the far right to MAC's Hue, but a far better formula (if you've read my other posts you will know that my lips do not agree with MAC Hue, so much that I mailed it to my blogger friend Nicole from Sleek Chic since it had hardly ever been used and it's her favorite color). I love a good nude lip, so these have been well loved by me as just a slight change in the tones of a nude lip can completely change your makeup look.

In their range of nudes you can definitely see that the undertones range from cool to warm, pinks to browns, and there's a full range that basically you can find any nude your heart desires. They're opaque in one swipe and have a slight sheen to them so you don't need to carry a lipgloss with you for that plump full-lip effect either.

 Left to Right:
Saviour Will Come, Keep the Planet Spinning, End with Beginnings, Want to Leave?, 
Present Has No Living, Let's Raise the Bar, Save Me From Yourself

Here are some of the more daring colors, there's Barbie pinks, oranges, and raspberry colors (similar to MAC See Sheer), and if you look the three bright pinks in the middle all even have a different undertone, the left being a mid pink undertone, the middle is a warm pink undertone, and the right is a purple pink undertone but the end result is three intensely bright shades.

I thought that I would be the last person on planet earth to wear some of these colors, namely the bright pinks and oranges  due mainly to the fact that I am terrified of my teeth looking yellow and being fair it doesn't always suit my complexion. I tried on a few of the colors that I thought - No way, just for fun because I'll never wear them outside, they'll just be swatched for my post. Holy hell they actually looked amazing! I don't know what kind of magic is in these tubes, as the colors are completely opaque (all the swatches are one, sometimes two swipes max) but it's almost like the colors take on a tone to suit your complexion, but they don't because I held the tube up to my lips to check the colors. I have naturally pretty pigmented lips so sometimes colors can come off differently, but they were 100% true to the color in the tube.

That being said, the colors didn't look okay on me from the fact that I had't tried similar shades before, I have definitely tried my fair share of bright pinks and oranges and never have they looked so nice! Even if they looked almost exactly the same in the tube- I don't know how these lipsticks do it but if you've been wanting to try a fun or a daring color I would recommend these because not only are they extremely flattering, they have a fabulous formula and are only £2.50 each, you can't ask for a much better deal.

Left to Right:
To Get Lucky, Who We Are!, I Am Ready!, She's Up All Night, I Wasn't Mixed Up, 
Still Missing My Baby

And finally we have the deeper colors, the reds, and the orchid color this collection has. It's not everyday that you find a beautiful orchid shade that doesn't come off chalky or make you look like you ended up at a three year old's princess party and she did your makeup...ESPECIALLY at the drug store. When I was in the UK I bought one from Barry M and it was horrible and wow it smelled bad- I couldn't tolerate it so close to my nose and it got zero use.

I have been wearing the darkest color Still Missing My Baby a LOT this winter when I have actually worn makeup (being sick causes a lot of no makeup days).

The pictures of all the swatches above, to my eye, are dead on with what I actually see in person so I hope that you use it to your advantage if you decide to purchase any which I would strongly recommend. 

Moving on to the formula, I stand by my statement at the start of the post, these lipsticks are a cross between the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks and the Inglot Slimgel lipsticks. I realize not everyone has tried the slim gel lipsticks, but I know the UD ones are very popular amongst the blogging community. The UD formula is very thick, and takes a bit of effort to swipe across your lips and is 100% full color (the shade that I have anyways), these also have a thicker formula but are a little easier to swipe on still have full color but also have a sheen to them. The Inglot Slimgels have the same thick consistency, but glide on and are very shiny. So this is basically the middleman formula wise.

I am a huge fan of the formula as it stays on your lips, not in your hair or migrating outside your lipline. It stays slightly glossy, well has  more of a slight sheen, and the thick formula is nice and moisturizing.

The color range, the formula, the magic that makes all the colors somehow work no matter what your complexion is or how you wear them, the fact that they moisturize your lips, they make your lips look full, are long wearing - I cannot fault the formula of these lipsticks and they are SO inexpensive that it amazes me and overjoys me that a product this good has come out so inexpensively. I think it is also perfect to try these lipsticks if you want to try out a new lip color if you're unsure if you'll like it. No one wants to drop $14 on a MAC lipstick for it to look bad on you, and the formula of these is just as good and even better than some of the MAC formulas. 

I hope you guys try some of these and hope you liked the review!

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  1. Waaw these look so good!

  2. Pretty colors

  3. those lipsticks are gorgeous! i want them all now

  4. I really need to pay make up revolution a visit so many products to try and this is one of them so many natural colours I love it

    Leanne |

  5. I love these too :) so many wearable shades xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  6. All of the shades look gorgeous x

  7. The formula sounds great and I prefer the packaging of these to the make up rev lipsticks I have, such a huge range of colour but because they are so cheap I could technically get them all and still not be broke right!? xxx

  8. They are a LOT better than the original Makeup Revolution lipsticks in my opinion (and the caps don't fall off) but they're a different formula. And lol you totally could! They're all SO beautiful I can almost 100% guarantee you won't be disappointed ;)

  9. Right? Such a thorough line too!

  10. They're all so beautiful it's such a wonderful range

  11. Have you tried them? I adore them!

  12. I literally have not found one single product I didn't like from them. I have soooo many posts on products I love from them. Their Matte Effect foundation is definitely one of my favorites and doesn't break me out at all. I just love so many of their products they have such great dupes

  13. Haha hey they're so affordable anyone could definitely pick out a fair few!

  14. They're fantastic!

  15. Oh wow what a hugeeee range of shades!

  16. RIGHT! It's such a well rounded line I'm so in love with it!!!! And hello for that price what more can you ask lol :)

  17. Loving the detail! Great work :) Will be trying these out soon


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