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Thursday, February 19, 2015

MAC See Sheer | Dupe Alert

See Sheer - MAC  $16.00

Hey everyone! Today I have one of everyone's seemingly favorite posts- a dupe post!! Now when I dupe a lipstick, I put it through every single gets possible- exact color match, exact undertones, does or if it pulls the same color on my skin, if it has a sheen to it how smoothly it applies, the wear get the point. I basically put them through hell and back.

Well happily today I have found a dupe for one of my favorite transitioning lipsticks (fall/spring) and good all-rounder that basically goes with everything and looks good on so many skin tones, MAC See Sheer. If you watch Essie Button or read her blog she has DEFINITELY mentioned this lipstick quite a few times as being one of her favorites as well.

See Sheer is a beautiful muted raspberry pink with a slight warm undertone, but nothing that a person with cool skin tones can't pull off. It's not quite a pink, not quite a raspberry, not quite a red, just this really beautiful in between color that isn't in your face when you wear it, but you can tell that you have something on and it's just like "Damn, yep. You look good today." The formula is a lustre, so it has a nice bit of a sheen to it making your lips look nice and juicy and I've been complimented countless times wearing this. The tube is almost twisted up all the way to the top in that picture, somehow my MAC lipsticks manage to retain their shape just a little dull on the edges-who the hell knows why.

And here we have the dupe ladies and gents. I had to make a personal note to myself on my laptop which was which. The dupe is the Makeup Revolution Lip Hug in We have Come too Far- I did an ENTIRE post on the whole lip hug line a few posts ago that you can find here where I swatch all 20 shades and rave on and on because I think this line is absolutely fantastic.

These two are an exact match in color, texture, the wear time is slightly longer on the Makeup Revolution one, same in pigmentation (those arm swatches are only one swipe), have all the same qualities except for the tiny nitpicky fact that you can see the MAC lipstick skipped at the bottom, the Makeup Revolution one did not because it has a slight more of a sheen due to a slightly thicker formula hence the wear time improvement. The Makeup Revolution lipstick is also a lot more moisturizing, they moisturize your lips like a nice lip balm would and have helped heal my horrendous winter lips.

And the big kicker-THE PRICE! I'm pretty sure in the UK they just change the $ to £ and don't lower the cost of the lipstick. So if you're in the US the Makeup Revolution lipstick is around $3.80 making that a $13.20 price difference, and if you're in the UK that makes it a £13.50 difference! And in my opinion the Makeup Revolution one is slightly better because it wears longer. (Makeup Revolution does ship internationally if you guys needed to know because I've had their stuff I bought for Christmas presents shipped right to my door in California.) Also is it just me or does MAC keep raising their prices? Weren't lipsticks $14.50 not that long ago.... Hmmmm capitalizing off of a certain reality tv star I think, what about you?

So, I hope I have proved to you this FABULOUS dupe I've found from one of my new absolute favorite lipstick lines- I STRONGLY encourage you to check out my post I did all about them here because I go very in depth and pick at every aspect of the lipsticks and swatch every single one true to color.

Let me know if you guys have any other amazing dupes and I hope if you've been eyeing See Sheer you'll go for this one instead :) Also I'm about 3 likes away from 300 on my Facebook page and it would mean the world to me if you would go like it! I just post links to these posts on it :)

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  1. Always on the look out for a cheaper alternative, even if I do love Mac. Liking your facebook now :) RW x

  2. Pretty color! Love to find cheaper alternatives

  3. this one honestly has a better formula than MAC, i've got a whole post written up on how much I adore these :) and thank you sososososo much!

  4. me too!!!! this whole line of lip hugs is chock full of dupes its great

  5. Love the colours~ Super pretty! :)

  6. I love the MAC shade See Sheer! Awesome to see there's a good dupe for it xo

  7. I flipping love Makeup Revolution, I have to limit how often I go on the website as obviously living in the UK it's super cheap to have delivered. It's a sickness I need help!


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