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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pretty Smart - The Balm | Review

 Snap! Pretty Smart Lipgloss - The Balm $15.00 *

Hey everyone!!! Normally I am the furthest thing from a lipgloss fan, it's sticky, gloopy, it gathers into this weird line on my lips because I talk too much, and there are a select very few brands (i.e. NARS) that make formulas I can tolerate and wear because they look so beautiful. The Balm has now become one of those brands.

I was sent the Pretty Smart gloss (or the Read My Lips gloss if you aren't in Europe) in the shade Snap! - it's a beautiful warm brown nude which I have been getting very into lately as I have been figuring out that these brownier nudes suit my skin tone much better than all the cult favorites.

As you can see in the swatch above, the lipstick is pretty opaque and has a nice consistency to it (you can't probably tell that part from the picture unless you're some sort of lip gloss specialist but I'm telling you that part.)

Here is the gloss on my lips, keep in mind I do have pretty pigmented lips so the fact that a nude gloss shows up at all is VERY surprising in a wonderful way.

What The Balm says about these glosses-
"These lip glosses feature a wide range of shades that make a statement without saying a word. "Smart-mouthed" takes on a new meaning with this unique formula fortified with Ginseng, a powerful antioxidant known for its mentally stimulating properties."

And here is a full face photo. The consistency of this gloss is pretty thin, but not in the sense that it comes off on every single thing that you eat. It also isn't thick enough that if your hair gets stuck in it there's a gloss line that gets dragged across your makeup and cheek when you're trying to pull your hair out. 

This gloss has just about the perfect consistency, and fades perfectly evenly. It has a pretty good wear time for a gloss and an even longer wear time if it is applied over a lipstick (which it is not in these photos so that you could see the true pigmentation of the gloss). It isn't a hyper shine gloss, but it doesn't have that subtle chapstick sheen either, and most important of all IT DOES NOT GUNK UP WHEN I TALK. That is the biggest deal breaker for me on so many products.

All in all I would say this is the perfect type of lip gloss and they have a very large color range, so you will surely find  a gloss that you fall in love with. Have you guys tried these out before?
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  1. Very nice color, looks good on you :)
    Is it perfumed?

  2. Pretty color

  3. Nice color! It fits you so much! And I love the look of this balm

  4. awww thanks so much! I've recently gotten into them and they have quickly become one of my favorite brands, plenty more reviews to come! I know it looks sooooo nice over a nude or a pink lipstick, I just wanted to show the true pigmentation/color in the post :)

  5. oh i know it's like barely there, but it's SOMETHING and just makes your lips look beautiful :)

  6. aw thank you so much :) and it's wonderful you should try it!

  7. it's gorgeous!

  8. slightly when you first apply it, but hardly at all-you CANNOT tell once it's on, only if you pulled the applicator out of the tube and smelled it would you be able to smell it. and thank you so much :)

  9. It looks really natural but it enhances your lips! I love barely there products. I can't stand lipgloss either but this looks promising and I might try and give this one a go. Really good post :) xo

  10. Yayy!! The Balm !! I love love love the Balm products and this shade is perfect so natural and fresh !! :)


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