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Sunday, February 22, 2015

So Rad | Dentz Denim

Hey everyone! Today's fashion post is a little different than the normal. I did a post with Dentz Denim in the past you can find here in the summer about their fab high waisted shorts that they custom make specifically to you- you send them your measurements, choose a style, and they make them to specifically fit you. Stay tuned to the end (or scroll to the end) for a MEGA discount code.

They ALSO make custom sweaters/sweatshirts, tee shirts, tank tops, and "ugly" holiday sweaters that are hilarious and cute - and they make them for literally every holiday, they're making em for St. Patricks day coming up and they're hilarious! So they sent me two of their slouchy off the shoulder sweaters which I am head over heels in love with and want at least five more from their site and instead of doing a typical "fashion blogger" post I figured I'd show you what I actually look like blogging and browsing the internet or studying...because I have basically been living in these (separate post coming on the other sweatshirt)

Here we see a wild Stephanie in her natural habitat....

Totally kidding, but here's my grand tour of my apartment, #roomtour! bed spread from ikea.

But the sweatshirts you can get any of them in different colors, if you look at this page you'll see that the sweatshirts are all different colors, but don't be alarmed because if you click through you can change to just about every color except their holiday themed sweatshirts have more set colors. 

I got the Rad sweatshirt in pink because who doesn't love a good pink sweatshirt- I wear my  sweatshirts and all of my other clothes with leggings all the time which are black so it's a nice contrast. Also rad is one of my favorite and most used words- I think some people forget that I'm a Californian, and there's a joke with my best friend Danielle that every time she gets really drunk she starts saying rad aalllllll the time, so I saw the sweatshirt and knew it was meant to be mine.

The sweatshirts on the site have such a large range of statements on them, there's even one with a cool tiger on it. It was so hard deciding which one to get because the range makes it hard to choose- you'll see. They have a bunch of Mean Girls references, alcohol ones that say things like Brunch- because Mimosas, ones that say GIRL BYE or BYE FELICIA, there are just plain ones with nothin on them, valentines themed ones, St. Patty's day themed ones etc etc. I can probably guarantee you'll find something you like on there.

Aaannddddd what's even better is the same coupon from my last post still works! All you do is type in STEPHANIESLOOK at checkout and you get 25% off. 25%!!!!!!!!! That's 1/4 of the price!!! That is a TREMENDOUS discount and I'm so grateful to the lovely people over at Dentz for giving me the code. They are SO nice and I would support their business just buying their things myself #1 because I adore them, #2 because the people and customer service is so fabulous-they started out on etsy and now have their own site and I feel like a proud parent watching them grow as a company even though I barely had anything to do with it, but watching them grow makes me so happy and proud and I would really love if you guys did order from them.

I mean 25% off, slouchy off the shoulder sweatshirts, custom made high waisted shorts, etc. you can't get much better than that. I hope you guys liked this style of picture taking, let me know! Because this is how I wear the sweatshirts half the time so I figured why not do a post like this with my leggings on :) But let me know what you think don't hold back!

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