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Monday, March 30, 2015

Dark Matter Stack Review | Melt. Cosmetics

Hey everyone! Today I wanted review a super cool product that I have been getting a LOT of use out of lately and since it goes in and out of stock I wouldn't want you to miss out when they restocked it! Melt Cosmetics I think is known for their lipsticks primarily, but recently they have come out with two eyeshadow stacks, Dark Matter and Lovesick (Lovesick is more colorful, but hey I'm a neutral girl and couldn't pass up Blurr). The eyeshadows are cool because they are essentially stacks and magnetize together however you want them to, and the very top "cover" has a little mirror in it.

Here you can see how it is stacked (by magnets, there are four little magnets on each pan). The feel of the packaging is extremely similar to NARS packaging and definitely doesn't stay the cleanest, as you can see here that little smudge on it already when I haven't been traveling even it just sits on my counter when I'm not using it (being so tall makes them pretty hard to store-they definitely won't fit in the acrylic drawers that's for sure).

L to R: Blurr | Unseen | Enigma | Dark Matter

Now the important part- THE SWATCHES. Holy hell look at Dark Matter...I saw a comparison of Dark Matter to the MUG Shadow, Urban Decay etc etc and Dark Matter won every time. All of these are one swipe of my finger except for Blurr because I had to build it up as it is made to blend out seamlessly into your skin and in theory is sort of a shadow eraser if you've taken your smokey eye a bit too far or if your eyes are uneven etc Blurr fixes that immediately it is a miraculous little shadow.

The stack is gorgeous, and there are so many looks that you can create with it I can see myself taking this on vacation as my only shadows or "palette" if you will...

Blurr- like I said before is an eraser shade, that just helps any shadow (including black!) blend seamlessly into your skin

Unseen- is a beautiful crease/transition color or all over the lid color for lighter days, it's just that beautiful camel colored warm toasty brown shade

Enigma- this is one of the few cranberry shades that I own that got it right. It doesn't make your eyes look too red, it's highly pigmented (unlike the color pop one I just reviewed from the Megan Naik set that I was really disappointed with, you can read that post here although the rest of the set was fabulous)

Dark Matter- this shadow is INSANE! The swatch I had was one swipe I kid you not. It is so insanely pigmented that makes it so multipurpose and it makes makeup quick! One of the things I hate is sitting there building up colors over and over and over to get the color that i want and with all of these shadows it's SO simple to do your  eyeshadow look because they're so ridiculously pigmented.

 This is the look that I did trying to emulate the kook that Jess or Jkissa on youtube (my favorite youtuber) did with the stack. I did use my trusty Inglot #77 gel liner though and then my Chanel Ecriture de Chanel pen to sharpen up some lines.

I also just used the Billion Dollar Brow Hint of Tint brow gel in Taupe through my invisible brows and they turned out really nicely I think. I'm really impressed with that company.

I used Unseen in the crease (brown), then Enigma all over the lid (cranberry), and then ran Dark Matter (black) under the lash line and blended that out with Unseen. I primed the lid with my Inglot primer and the Urban Decay 24-7 Pencil in Zero, and then lined my waterline and tightlined my eyes with the same pencil.

Like I was saying before they managed to do a Cranberry that doesn't make your eyes look red and gross, and it's super pigmented without being a chalky shadow. I'm wearing the YSL Tint in Oil in Crush me Orange in this picture- I started off with a nude but my winter lips came out too strong and were too dry and needed something moisturizing and this color paired surprisingly well with the shadows and the whole look-a strong cat eye isn't for everyone I know.

I wanted to touch on the price and size of these shadows. Like an idiot I forgot to take a comparison picture comparing it to a standard MAC shadow or MUG etc (they're all the same size). So we'll just have to go by numbers.

A standard MAC shadow is 1.5 g of product and $16, each Melt shadow is 3.57 g and the whole stack is $48, there's 4 shadows, so each of them would individually cost $12 for twice the product. I think that alone speaks for itself, but when you look at them, they're HUGE!

I'm pretty sure they do ship internationally although it took forever for me to get mine. As soon as I was about to complain to customer service about not getting it, it showed up at the post office.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review and if you have any other questions about this please let me know! Also go check out the amazing Jess from Jkissa Makeup because I was always going to do this post but metaphorically speaking she lit the fire under my ass to do a look to write the post.

Also make sure you enter my MAC x Cinderella Royal Ball Lipstick giveaway by clicking here and going to the post! (p.s. it's international!)

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  1. Wonderful review!! That eyeshadow is just one swipe?! That is insane!!! :) I love the Chanel pen I use it all the time!! :)

  2. YES! Isn't that insane!? And the pans are monstrous- even my little brother commented on what a huge eyeshadow it was- that's when you know LOL! I adore the Chanel pen! It just transfers a bit sometimes so i save it for the outer wing instead of the lid... gel is easy there


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