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Monday, March 16, 2015

Macadamia Taming Curl Cream | Review + Demo

Taming Curl Cream - Macadamia Oil £10.99* (RRP £18.60)

Hey everyone! So a lot of you really like seeing my posts on hair products where I demo them for you on my own hair, so I'm back with another one! We all know by now that I have curly/wavy hair on the thinner side but I have a lot of it (the individual strands are thin), so naturally I tested out the Macadamia Oil Taming Curl Cream because I'm all about that bedhead life and literally don't brush or comb my hair until I wash it again which is once every 1-2 weeks...yes I do bathe in between, if you want a post on how to extend the time in between washes let me know and I can get that up for you!

I was sent this from Hairtrade which we should all know by now is my favorite site to buy hair products off of because it really speaks for itself when you look at their price vs the RRP that I listed above...almost an £8 difference? I will save that kind of money ANYDAY especially when it comes to these more luxury hair products.

The one problem I had with this is there weren't any instructions on how much to use, it just said apply to wet hair etc. So for my hair length which is down past the middle of my back that is about how much I use and now you can see what the product actually looks like.

You do have to be careful with this product as it is oil based so if you do use too much it will make your hair look greasy just as using a straight up oil like Macadamia Oil or Moroccan Oil. That is the only qualm I have with the packaging is it doesn't give you any sort of guideline on how much to use. It's funny because when a product tells you how much to use I never listen to it because my hair is so long but the second it doesn't tell me how much to use sound the alarms!

So here is a picture of my hair after I used it, since everyone always wants to know what the product actually does for your hair...

What they say about the product:
A defining curl cream that softens and defrizzes medium to coiled textures, keeps curls tamed and controlled

• Defines full-bodied, touchable curls
• Controls unruly curls while still providing a light, crunch-free feel
• Fights humidity for frizz control and tames flyaways for a flawless look

This product definitely left my curls moisturized (like I said I go 1-2 weeks without washing my hair sometimes so keeping curly hair that is naturally dry moisturized is a big deal), they were more defined in the sense of whenever I get out of the shower and my hair is wet I have these beautiful beachy waves-no curls that curl the wrong way or anything weird, I think any girl with curly hair can relate, and it's like putting this product in kept the curls just like that.

I wouldn't say that my hair is totally frizz free because I think that is an impossibility-even when I straighten it theres still a small level of frizz, but the frizz was definitely reduced even after sleeping on it with my hair down.

But the amazing thing about this product is it kept my curls in the state that they dried for longer than usual, and when they started to fall just from time of not washing my hair they fell out evenly to just a wavier state instead of what usually happens-it frizzes out and gets horrendously tangled and this product just somehow works its magic and is a curly girls dream.

I used to never think that curl creams were necessary and I used to think they didn't do anything but lately between this and the Kebelo curl cream (post here) If you're debating which one to buy, there is a difference (so that I don't have to do a whole comparison post), the Kebelo cream/system leaves your curls in like natural ringlets, the macadamia oil cream kind of weighs on your curls a bit and pulls them into beachier waves almost-I use them interchangeably but that's my observation on my own may be different on other people but I think the oil has some weight to it. I have become a convert to curl creams and they have become this lazy girl's best friend! Have you tried any good ones out lately?

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  1. Saved this post and definitely going to purchase this !
    My hair is dead straight and lifeless so thanks for sharing this :)

    With love, Hayley xxx

  2. My hair is a nightmare when I leave it curly. I really need to invest in something like this to calm the frizz

  3. I like how it's still quite natural looking despite the product - great review.

    Lizzie Dripping

  4. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:33 AM

    yay! I hope it works out for you! and def check out hair trade because theirs is the cheapest and they always have amazinggg promos as well as discounting their products! (I've linked to Hairtrade in this post so just clicking on it will get you there haha)

  5. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:34 AM

    YES!!! Check out this and my latest post on the moroccan oil mousse I just posted about- it literally tamed to not a little tuft of frizz in sight!

  6. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:35 AM

    yeah exactly!!! it still looks like you just let it air dry when really you put product into it!

  7. i'm always looking for curly hair products! thanks :)


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