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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Canyon Beachwear | Summer Wishlist

1. Ignes Lace Coverup - Melissa Odabash
2. Esperanza Patterned Mesh White Caterina Cropped Rashguard - Vitamin A

Favorite Bikinis
3. Jet Black Triangle Top Bikini with Side Tie Bottoms - PilyQ
4. Marbella Over the Shoulder Top with Hipster Bottoms - Melissa Odabash (white)

Bra Top Bikinis (sizes D-G)
5. Indigo Slide Push Up Triangle Top - Swim Systems 
6. Atlantic Plaid Twisted Bandeau Top - Swim Systems

Hey everyone! I know I haven't done a wishlist in a while but it is definitely summer back home in California and I've got the summer itch where all I can do is think about buying bikinis and coverups and cute summer dresses, and especially since my dad surprised me with a trip to Rome for my 21st (August 12 so you can send presents- KIDDING! But there will be a lot of vacation picture posts!), I know 21 isn't a big deal in Europe, but back home it's the drinking age and even though I've been living in Europe the three big birthday markers are 16 (driving), 18 (voting), and 21(drinking!) so it's still a pretty big deal to me.

But like I said before all I can do is think about cute summer attire and ever since I bought my first "expensive" bikini I've realized the importance of not buying Target bikinis (which by the way is it just me or do their prices keep going up?) which only last one summer and investing in higher quality/more expensive bikinis- I've mentioned my top two favorites before on  here Plumeria Swimwear (I think I'm up to five now- HER SALES MAN they're so enticing and too good) and TRIANGL. But NOW, I've discovered a newer brand hitting the markets, Canyon Beachwear which is a site that takes high end brands and puts them all together in one place for you from their designer swimsuits and designer coverups they've really hit it out of the park.

I thought I'd put together a collage of my favorites from their site, on the left are my favorite coverups, one for the beach, and the top you could throw on as a shirt with a skirt or some high waisted shorts over your bikini and head off to the pier, or dinner, or the boardwalk, or the name it! Also it's made by Vitamin A which I am a HUGE fan of their beachwear, I'd love to own something by them, but that goes to show the quality of the brands on the site. 

In the middle are two bikinis I just love, the top one by PilyQ has a white bikini with a black crochet overlay that I think makes it look really different from most bikinis out there, and it's a string bikini which is always a girls best friend because it eliminates any chance of muffin top. The bottom white bikini is an over the shoulder bikini instead of a halter which is good for my fellow larger chested ladies out there- we all know what halters do to our necks after a day of wear, but it also eliminates any strange tan lines because it goes where your bra strap would (plus if you go to their site, clicking on that link will take you straight to that specific bikini, it comes in the most beautiful aqua color-stunning). Both of these bikinis are sold as a set by the way so the price isn't just for one piece.

And on the far right side are very special bikinis, because they are special for women that have bra sizes from D to G. HALLELUJAH right? I LOVE when I can buy a bikini in my bra size, adore it because you know it will fit perfectly especially when buying online. The top is so cute and comes on the string that slides so you can adjust it to how far apart the girls are basically, and the bottom one is a bandeau that comes with detachable straps- did you hear that? Busty girls can wear bandeaus again! When I saw HOW MANY different styles and colors they had in this section- there's a whole section that says D-G (click here for it) I also love the "Sunsets High Tide" pattern, it's one of the first ones you'll see it.

But this website has a LOT to offer, and for it hitting the markets so soon I would say that it is very well rounded. They also have free shipping over $100, which is always nice because I'll take free shipping any day-I've literally closed websites with a cartful of things because the shipping was too ridiculous, am I the only one?

So what do you guys think of my wishlist? Are you as excited for summer as I am? Are your tastes similar to mine? I'd definitely recommend checking this one out :)

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  1. Ahh these all look amazing, I'm currently on the hunt for some nice but different swimwear, I love the white mesh one! I really am lusting after a triangl one though seriously... xx

  2. stunning right!?

  3. i totally have a post on a triangl bikini, but i bought one from ebay to compare- exactly the same!! so weird. I bought it for $7 loool i got it here

  4. Great wish list - I love the 4 and 6 x

  5. ooh that mesh pick from Esperanza is to die for!!

    Sah xx

  6. ohhh I especially love 4 and 5! great post x



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