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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Curl Control Mousse - Moroccan Oil | Review + Demo

Hey everyone! So from the feedback I got on my Cinderella giveaway (still open enter here) where I asked you guys to write in the comments what blog pots you like most, would like to see more of, or want to see in general on my blog and so many people said reviews (some people even said that they'll come and read my reviews before purchasing, so thank you so much for saying that- I am so extremely flattered I can't put it into words). I also know that every time I do a hair product review everyone wants a picture of what my hair looks like, so the followers have spoken (I honestly don't like saying followers...more like friends since I talk to you guys on social media all the time and in the comments) and here is a post on the beautiful Curl Control Mousse by Moroccan Oil that was sent to me from my all time favorite website....Hairtrade of course.

I think the word mousse has a very negative connotation to it- everyone hears it and thinks back to when you were twelve and walked around with the crunchy ringlets that always looked wet and horrible, but like I said with the hair gels I use on my curly mane, gone are those days. I took this picture after I was rained on and out in INTENSE wind which is basically a curly girls worst nightmare...and I swear to you I walked into my house, took off my big jacket, put my bag down and took this picture below-I didn't touch my hair at all.

This mousse is the strangest thing because it leaves zero crunch-I should have expected that going in because my favorite hairspray is the Moroccan Oil one, and you cannot feel it in your hair at all, bt like I said I always think of a little bit of hold that you can feel. With this one it just moisturizes your curls, somehow tames all or the frizzy flyaways, and keeps your curls looking wonderful no matter what the weather is. Usually if my hair gets rained on it is the biggest mess ever-this hair was rained on....

In every hair picture that I have posted, you can ALWAYS see the halo of little frizzy flyaways, and there physically aren't any in this picture or in real life. When I test out a hair product I just LOAD my hair up to see if it gets really crunchy or really greasy etc etc, and so I used a LOT of this mousse which I would describe more as a foam (from the way it comes out of the pump-it isn't an aerosol can at all like every hair mousse that I've tried)

This mousse also held the bedhead at bay, I went to sleep with my hair down and it looked absolutely fine the next morning (oh as a disclaimer, I wash my hair at night and then sleep on it so it dries while I'm sleeping-which also increases the frizz rate, and there wasn't any frizz when I woke up).

The weirdest thing about this product is you can apply it dry. All curly girls know that if you have curly hair it gets pretty dry at the bottom, but the fact that you can apply this on dry hair if you feel your hair getting pretty dry is mind blowing. I only wash my hair every 1-2 weeks (ew gross-actually it's really good for your hair, if you guys want to see a post on that I'd be happy to do one, clearly it helps with the growth, as you can see in the picture-CURLY my hair is to my butt).

SO after all of that blabbing I would give this product a 10/10-I think if you don't even have hair that's curly, it is so moisturizing and keeps the frizz away no matter the weather, the bedhead, etc I think honestly anyone could use this. I think if you see this snap it up right away or even go on Hairtrade and order it- they always have some killer sales!

I hope you liked this review and don't forget to enter my competition to win a Cinderella Royal Ball Lipstick! (click me here!) I love you all and thanks for reading!

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  1. I have the curliest hair in the world and I rarely venture out from the products I know and trust but this has made me really want to try this! I love the Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner so I'm thinking I will go out and buy this. Nothing worse than crunchy hair........xx

  2. I have curly hair too, and it loves to frizz after rain. And add humidity my hair just loves that. Bleh. I may have to check this stuff out. Cause even regular mousse for curly hair doesn't want to seem to work. Which is why I straighten it so much!

  3. This looks and sounds amazing, just like your hair x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  4. Your hair is amazing! :) x

  5. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:40 AM

    aw thank you! thanks, I grew it myself. Totally kidding haha its so high maintenance most of the time so i just leave it like this

  6. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:41 AM

    aw you're too sweet! but it is a truly amazing product. i combed out my hair with a wide tooth comb last night (big no no for curly hair) and put this on and it went straight back to looking like this-so its like a refresher even!

  7. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:43 AM

    oh god i usually steer so far away from mousses you couldn't get me to touch one to hand to someone else, but i decided try this since it's moroccan oil, and it is a truly amazing product. i combed out my hair with a wide tooth comb last night (big no no for curly hair-you know haha) and put this on and it went straight back to looking like this-so its like a refresher even!

  8. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 6:44 AM

    yaasssss all things moroccan or macadamia oil are the bomb! i even combed out my hair with a wide tooth comb last night (big no no for curly hair- you know the drill) and put this on and it went straight back to looking like this-so its like a refresher even!

  9. Really? I may have to get some to tame the beast (my hair). when it comes to brushing my hair I do everything to not anger it.

  10. Stephanie's LookApril 2, 2015 at 4:50 PM

    oh i know i only comb through my hair right before and after a shower! LOL!

  11. You have the most amazing hair, and the mousse sounds lovely! I'd really like to read about how often you wash your hair, I think it'd be interesting (and I want to increase the time between washes myself, so any advice would be helpful) xx


  12. Wow this sounds pretty good.. but I'm kinda mesmerized by your awesome hair! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty


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