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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Top Dainty Necklaces | Bauble Bar

I gave in to the Bauble Bar hype...and I'm actually really happy that I did because the two necklaces I bought from them have become my two favorite necklaces that I own. They are so dainty and cute that I thought I would share two of my favorite accessories as they go with everything, even though you can buy necklaces that look like your neck would hurt after wearing them...Bauble Bar has a WIDE variety of super high quality jewelry. They have 10% off if it's your first purchase, they send out emails with coupon codes all the time, and you can do the whole "refer a friend thing for points."

I WISH I was sponsored by them, but unfortunately not...right now they have a collection out  designed by Alesandra Ambrosio (the Victoria's Secret model, but we all knew that) and I literally want everything from it, she even has head chains in her collection it's gorgeous.

Here they are up close. On the left is the Leo star constellation, they have them for all the zodiac signs with little crystals inlaid, and is gold plated so it won't turn your neck green- all of their jewelry is. The others a cute little horseshoe necklace that I've been looking for one like it for a while, and this one has little crystals inlaid the whole way.

I absolutely ADORE these necklaces as they are high quality, are gold plated and don't turn anything green or get ruined easily, and where can you find necklace showing the star constellation pattern on a necklace? Genius!

Have you guys bought anything from Bauble Bar? If you do decide to buy from them or sign up, I'd definitely be overjoyed and more than grateful if you'd do it through this link it plays into the refer a friend thing I was talking about and I'd be super happy and grateful. That's definitely not what the post was about haha I just wanted to share some adorable unique pieces of jewelry, hidden gems (pun intended) on the Bauble Bar site, I don't think a lot of people know about them :)

Thanks so much for reading and have you bought from them? Are you going to buy from the Alessandra Ambrosio collection? I want to desparately :)
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  1. I love the look of the horseshoe necklace, it's so pretty!

    Jodie xo // JodieLoue

  2. I haven't bought anything from Bauble Bar yet but I'm definitely tempted - I love dainty necklaces which can be worn every day and go with everything!


  3. oh i know they had some like mega sale going on clearing out loads, but i go on that website even just to browse :)

  4. its so versatile and sits like right above your collarbones and is so beautiful!

  5. I love the roses.

  6. These are so adorable! Love the idea of the zodiac sign, so much more personal!

    & Ink


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