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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blush Perfection

$27 for a blush? *Let me just click out of this page right now* HOLD THE PHONE, HEAR ME OUT. I NEVER get excited over a product, yeah I get the occasional "Oh this is super nice" but I am never blown away.

MAC Warm Soul has literally blown me out of the water. This review has been a long  time coming as I have had this blush for 2+ years and you can clearly see that I am no where near hitting pan. A lot of people disregard the mineralize blushes due to the hype, the shimmer, the price, but let me tell you if this blush was $40 I would save up and buy it which says a lot because I am the worlds biggest cheapskate (I think I asked for it for a birthday present...a.k.a. I didn't even buy it for myself.

Here's why this is the best blush in the world for every skin tone, texture, makeup look (warm, cool etc), event:

This looks pretty boring in the pan - I'll admit that. It just looks like a pinky peach blush with a bit of a gold sheen. WELL my friends, this is where the chameleon of a blush comes into play.

I wear this blush at least 2-3 times  a week (I try and give my other ones a chance) but I knew that  I was going to take a blog picture with this look so I chose to do a taupe shade of shadow. So you can see how this blush will work with brown, gold (from the shimmer), grey, purple, silver, and the list goes on. It works well with every single lip color I've tried it with (I challenge you to send me a picture with this blush and a lip color that it looks terrible with and you will have won this round.)

It also pairs well with any highlighter imaginable as it already has a bit of a sheen to it; but being constantly forgetful sometimes I'll forget to put on a highlighter and this works just fine because of the sheen it gives off it makes your cheekbones look GORGEOUS. 

It looks gorgeous on pale skin (Hi, my name is Stephanie and I blend in with the white paint on walls in the winter), but it also looks beautiful with a tan- this is just about the only blush I use during the summer when I have a nice tan (and it is the only blush I took on vacation with me). I have also done makeup on some of my friends with deeper skin tones and they have asked me what blush I used so they can go buy it they loved it so much (so I promise this love affair isn't just my own).

I STRONGLY (if you can't already tell) to pick this up next time you are in MAC, or even ask them to try it out on you! If you have this in your collection and have neglected it shame on you (and if you're not a fan I will gladly take it off your hands in a heartbeat!)

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