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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Travels & Tattoos

Current: I'm sitting in an apartment in Trastevere, Rome. I am sweating like a pig from the heat and humidity here but enjoying every second of it. I am also looking for the words to spit out onto this page but the only thing I can think to write is the word life. By that I mean that the things that have gotten in the way of posting can be simply narrowed down to one thing - life. School, family, friends, name it and I've been living it. I can't honestly say "I've been too busy" but what I CAN say is that I have been mostly (the word mostly referring to the unenjoyable tests and school) happy with my life as it is and I have never been able to say that in the past. I'm happy with the people I've surrounded myself with, I have finally mastered (I think) my friendships as they fit more into the family category, I've spent time with almost all of my family, I've been traveling all over the U.S. and Europe, I've hiked, paddle boarded, fallen down a mountain in a major rockslide (and survived obviously), gone wake boarding, been boating, swimming, gone to the beach, seen new places, gotten a tan (amazingly), turned 21 (August 12! not even a week ago) even got a tattoo (well two, but one is smaller) and a lot more but that sums it up pretty much - I even made it to glass beach with my best friend! (Look it up you won't regret it!)

All that being said I think I have made my way back to the blogging world as I have truly missed it. I may not be totally up to date, I don't have the newest blog design, and maybe I have lost readers but if you're still out there thanks for staying and I'm glad to be writing again as I have missed it. I think I have gotten over wanting to be the most popular, have the most followers, have the best design etc. (come on everyone wants that at a time) and I just want to focus on the content (and just have the design user friendly). I would also love to hear what everyone's been doing and since I have been severely out of the loop what I should blog about, what you'd like to see, new ideas, things to change about the appearance of the blog etc. If you have a thought put it in the comments! Thanks again and I hope to hear from you!

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