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Saturday, October 10, 2015

MAC Hue vs. YSL Rouge Volupte #1 Nude Beige | Dupe

Hey everyone!!
I just wanted to do a quick post here about a very very popular shade of lipstick. I know that a while ago this was all the rage but I think the color is so classic and timeless that it will always be a staple in every beauty lovers makeup bag.

So in the past I have expressed my extreme distaste for MAC Hue, not due to the color, but due to the formulation. I know that not everyone feels this way or has this problem (and yes I tried literally everything to fix the problem even using MAC's own Prep + Prime for lips to stop this from happening), but every time I applied MAC Hue it looked amazing, beautiful and I loved the color. Then about 15-30 minutes in it would start to separate on my lips and it looked horrible. It made my lips look like I had the worst case of chapped lips ever (and I know it wasn't the formula because since I couldn't use this lipstick and it had barely any use out of it I mailed it to one of my blogging friends Nicole from Sleek-Chic since she had used up her whole tube and she said it was just fine).

I think that the MAC "Glaze" lipstick formulation just doesn't agree with my lips for some odd reason that I cannot place my finger on. However, I was determined to find a lipstick the same color because I really adored the color- it looks so beautiful on pale or tan skin and after talking on twitter FOREVER about this I know I'm not the only one who has experienced this issue.

SO, I found an EXACT copy of MAC Hue in YSL Rouge Volute #1 Nude Beige. I know a lot of people already own this color because it is beautiful and very neutral so when spending a lot of money on a fancy lipstick people will tend to lean towards neutral if it is the first one they are trying from the brand. I know that dupe posts are usually for a cheaper alternative and this is definitely not.

In the picture above you can see how close these two colors are. One of them looks slightly darker but that is due to the turn in my wrist. I swear to you they are the exact same color I just couldn't get the lighting to work the day I was taking the pictures and I wanted to take them quickly to send off the lipstick to Nicole.

If you have ever owned a YSL lipstick you will know that they are extremely pigmented and creamy, but they are very thin- by that I mean they leave a very thin layer of lipstick on your lips and when it dries down after a while of wear it doesn't come off too easily so they have immense staying power. Plus just look at that packaging.....who wouldn't want to pull that out of their purse to apply. I know Chloe Morello is OBSESSED with YSL lipsticks and has an entire video dedicated to them and her collection and she swatches them all which you can watch here if you are interested.

You can also take this post the opposite direction and if you were looking to buy the YSL lipstick the MAC color is the same shade.

My point being, YSL Nude Beige and MAC Hue are exact dupes for each other. If you have one you don't need the other, and if you have the same problem with the neutral colors in the MAC Glaze formula that I do with the separation (it's only with the light neutral colors not the dark ones...) there is an alternative. Although the YSL lipstick is twice the price I think it is well worth it as the quality is far superior to MAC lipsticks in my opinion. Don't get me wrong I do love my MAC lipsticks, but the YSL lipsticks are so luxurious and creamy and smooth I adore them. I do love my matte lipsticks though and MAC nails them 9/10 times.

Have any of you guys had this problem with this MAC formula or even the color? I know it's like blasphemous in the beauty blogger community to speak poorly of MAC Hue because it is such a staple but hey I speak the truth and solved the problem!

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