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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Quit Teasing!

Your hair that is... Alright, we are almost all guilty of teasing the crap out of our hair sometimes (or all the time) a lot of us ladies want to look like we have a lions mane and there are ridiculous amounts of products on the market to try and achieve that. MOST of them are the kind that you put in when your hair is wet, and then you HAVE to blow dry it to like "activate" the product or something like that...I have a volumizing mousse in my bathroom right now and a gel spray that says "blow dry to activate aor "to achieve best results" we've all heard it a thousand times- even if your main goal isn't super voluminous hair. Also, there's another problem with teasing, girls with long hair or thick heavy hair understand- the teasing falls out! Just like curls falling out of your hair and then you're left like "cool...spent all that time this morning for nothing."

Well I found the ultimate game changer ladies. This is the strangest and coolest product I've come across in a long time. When I wake up in the morning, I'm a side sleeper, so one side of my head always is flatter than the other side just from sleeping on it. This little baby has solved all of those problems and more, I now have some volume in my fine hair without teasing which is a total miracle.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Medicine Man

Twitter is a great place to connect. On twitter a company called Ground Soap followed me and I got to talking to the owner and of course curiosity killed the cat and I had to go and browse the site, and this soap called Medicine Man caught my eye!

As I looked into this company and read their About Us page I saw that this company was about more than just "oh let's make some organic stuff" they really cared about the customer and the health and safety of them, and all of the problems that there currently are in the beauty industry. When reading their page, this is the part that really caught my attention and made me really think about their intentions and how good of a heart they have:

"Along the way we also discovered that there were pretty big problems in the health and beauty industry as a whole with synthetic and chemical ingredients. Worse yet was that there were no standards for regulating these ingredients to keep people safe from exposure to things like carcinogens, parabens and compounds that mimic estrogen that are regularly used in beauty products. Instead of raging against the industry we set out to simply provide healthy and natural options to these products. "

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Oops I'm Running Late | OOTD & MOTD

 Cardigan + Shirt - Thrifted
Jeans - Target

Hey everyone! I just thought that I'd share with you the types of clothes that I wear to class and makeup I slap on when you roll out of bed and can't see straight and are just stumbling around your room trying to get dressed.

I cut my legs off because I was wearing ugly lab shoes (hi crocs! I sin) but I usually will wear a shirt, cardigan, jeans, riding boots, and a high bun or a pulled together pony tail like I showed how I do in like 0.2 seconds in one of my recent posts you can find here.