Inspiring Wedding Gift Bag Ideas to Welcome Your Guests Properly

Thursday, July 6th 2017. | Wedding Ideas

Today, we will take you to see some of the coolest wedding gift bag ideas we have compiled specially for you. If you plan to have a destination wedding, the wedding welcome bags definitely become a must. After all, your wedding guests will to travel miles from their homes to join you in celebrating your big moment in life. These wedding goodie bag ideas are also suitable for you who invite out-of-town guests as a warm welcome and gratitude from you.


You can choose the right wedding gift bag ideas depending on your wedding venue. For example, if you have your wedding taken place at beautiful sunny beach in Cancun, Mexico, we recommend you to pack beach kit for the wedding gift bag. Include plush towel, floppy hat, and tropical snack such as dried banana. Alternatively, you can match the gift bag with your wedding theme. For instance, provide ballpark snacks and water bottles packed inside paper bag that will suit your baseball wedding theme greatly.


Introduce your hometown as part of your wedding gift bag ideas. You can simply opt for homemade products freshly made by small and medium enterprises established in your hometown, such as delicious snacks and refreshing juices. If your hometown is famous for its crafts, you can also include it as part of the wedding goodie bag. You can also include a creatively designed map of your town or postcard for another memorabilia.










Ah, no matter how unique or creative those wedding gift bag ideas, the predictable and traditional wedding goodie bag is still one of the best you can choose. Choose paper bag, tote bag, or basket decorated or designed in any color you love filled with your handwritten thank you card, beverages such as juice or wine, and delicious snacks and fruits which color will coordinate beautifully. Trust us; your guests will appreciate them warmly.

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