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Hi everyone! I would love to help your blog gain exposure if you advertise with me! I want to keep my prices extremely low to give everyone the opportunity to advertise on my blog and I hope you choose me to advertise with!

Half of all the money I make off of my blog advertising will go to my non profit organization and the other half will go to maintaining my domain name and giveaways for you all.
*Approximate UK conversions $5 : £3 | $10 : £6 | $15 : £9

Bloglovin Followers: 6,135
Twitter Followers: 1,650
Instagram Followers: 990
Facebook Likes: 286
Pinterest Followers: 81 (new)
Lookbook Fans: 294
Google + Followers: 57

Followers across all platforms: 9,490 readers
Total Pageviews 242,106

*updated November 30, 2014*

If you have any questions feel free to email me at 

If you do decide to advertise with me just leave the appropriate information in the "message to blogger" spot according to the description on the ad :) and if you forget something there don't worry, just shoot me an email.

-I can also help with image resizing to fit within the ad space-

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