Ultimate Guide to Wedding Album Ideas and Inspirations

Thursday, July 6th 2017. | Wedding Ideas

There are many wedding album ideas you can find and explore to help you finding the right inspiration. Well, the wedding photo album ideas may not be as crucial as the wedding ceremony and reception itself. However, wedding album is one of the keys to preserve the sweet memories of your biggest day in life. Today, we will briefly cover some useful tips you can follow in creating wedding album design that is right for you, even if you go for the DIY one.

It goes without saying that you want to include only the best pictures as part of your wedding album ideas. That is why sorting is really important. Don’t be greedy, though—20 or 30 pictures from different moments are enough. Then, you need to group pictures into several occasions, starting from getting ready, wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and some big memorable moments.


Then, you can choose which wedding album for wedding album ideas is most suitable for you. You can simply go for the traditional photo album or trying to get creative with fabric album. For modern feel, coffee-table album appears to be in current’s trend. If you’re not interested in physical form, though, you can opt for digital wedding photo album instead.


The next step before you finally lay out each picture into the album is by describing every moment captured in the photo. Imagine it is like illustrating a book or telling a story. There are many wedding album ideas you can refer in doing so. Tell everything in details yet keep them brief at the same time. Now you are ready to arrange the pictures. You may have picked beautiful pictures to be featured in your wedding photo album. Yet, we also recommend you not to forget to include close ups of wedding cake, flower arrangements, favors, and foods.

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